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svn / tags / gfv3-prelude-b19 / web / gui-plugin-common

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Revision: 57293
Modified: 05 Dec 14:08 (2 years)
Author: java_re
Log Entry: revert tags dir
Revision: 21962
Modified: 17 Aug 04:11 (7 years)
Author: tcfujii
Log Entry: Tagged from gf-prelude-build #36
Revision: 21840
Modified: 13 Aug 13:59 (7 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Add web-gui-plugin-common module into webtier-all (since the admingui has been removed, the common module was also excluded and should not be). Also rename the artifact from gui-plugin-common to web-gui-plugin-common.
Revision: 21608
Modified: 05 Aug 20:21 (7 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Changing from versioned to snapshot per Sahoo's advice.
Revision: 21568
Modified: 04 Aug 20:07 (7 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Moving new module files to correct location
Revision: 21566
Modified: 04 Aug 19:36 (7 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Add new module web/gui-plugin-common to web module to support the customization of web app configuration. Also update earlier check-in to simplify retrieving ApplicationConfig elements of a particular app type.
showing 1 - 6 of 6
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