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Revision: 40297
Modified: 30 Aug 22:42 (4 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Added support to specify node selection label.
Revision: 39187
Modified: 29 Jul 16:27 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Resolved: Server logs are not archived when localhost is used in place of actual hostname ; Updated Users Taks: Removed Windows BAT file processing. Always use Shell Command on all the platforms, including Windows. ; Added a check so as not to use the subslave node when it's marked as offline, or when number of executors is set to 0 ; Resolved: null pointer exception copying instance logs in some situations
Revision: 38855
Modified: 20 Jul 01:33 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Fixed: Hudson plugin failed to archive server logs from remote subslave nodes
Revision: 38716
Modified: 16 Jul 20:34 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Updated Help file for multinode cluster
Revision: 38543
Modified: 12 Jul 05:18 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Hudson Plugin: Implemented GlassFish MultiNode Cluster Support
Revision: 38333
Modified: 03 Jul 00:08 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Created Cluster Config files (*.props) that contains port allocation assignments for each instance. ; Resolved Windows platform failures. ; Use absolute path (in place of relative path) for asadmin command execution. ; Added support for executing user commands with Shell (on Unix) and Batch File (on Windows). ; Added code to install antcontrib (to support ant scripts) ; Resolved: GF Instances got killed prematurely by Hudson.
Revision: 38121
Modified: 25 Jun 03:57 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: GlassFish Hudson Plugin: Added Dynamic Port Allocation, Implemented ASADMIN command execution using Hudson Remoting API, Implemented GlassFish .zip bundle installation on Remote Computer using FilePath API, Added GUI Support for User Specified Base Port, Added Stop Cluster Option, Created help files for the GUI.
Revision: 37792
Modified: 15 Jun 20:01 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Added Support for asadmin command execution on Slave Computer. Added support for GlassFish .zip bundle installation on the Slave Computer
Revision: 37613
Modified: 08 Jun 21:31 (5 years)
Author: hvilekar
Log Entry: Created a placeholder for Hudson GlassFish Plugin
showing 1 - 9 of 9
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