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summary: Modifying the POMs to ...
revision: 18435
author: Kohsuke Kawaguchi
date: 2008-03-03 23:47:43 UTC (8 years)
message: Modifying the POMs to ...

- depend on the GF master POM, instead of the GFv3 parent POM. This fixes the cyclic dependency issues
between the GFv3 build and the API build.
- produce snapshot versions, as per the best practices in Maven. When API modules hit a release,
they should run "mvn release:prepare release:perform" to post releases that other components can depend

In this process I introduced some version numbers that may not be right, so additional tweaks might be
Change Path Actions
M trunk/v3/api/activation/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/connector/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/deployment/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/ejb/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/jacc/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/javaee/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/jmac/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/jms/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/jsp/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/jstl/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/mail/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/management/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/persistence/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/servlet/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/api/transaction/pom.xml
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