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Source code revision


summary: - complete JSF 1.2_09 integration M admingui/pom.xml
revision: 21615
author: Ryan Lubke
date: 2008-08-06 00:14:01 UTC (6 years)
message: - complete JSF 1.2_09 integration
M admingui/pom.xml
- bump the jsf-api version

M web/web-glue/src/main/java/com/sun/enterprise/web/
- include the jsf-impl osgi symbolic name so the jsf classes are
available to the container

M web/jsf-connector/src/main/java/org/glassfish/faces/integration/
- Minor changes to the TLD provider to look up the bundle containing the TLDs

M web/jsf-connector/pom.xml
- no longer need to inline the jsf implementation classes
- cleanup of the export/imports list.

Change Path Actions
M trunk/v3/admingui/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/web/jsf-connector/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/web/jsf-connector/src/main/java/org/glassfish/faces/integration/
M trunk/v3/web/web-glue/src/main/java/com/sun/enterprise/web/
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