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Source code revision


summary: M api/checkout/pom.xml M ri/checkout/pom.xml
revision: 25434
author: edburns
date: 2009-03-16 23:42:44 UTC (6 years)
message: M api/checkout/pom.xml
M ri/checkout/pom.xml

- Prior to this revision, the svn revision number was being ignored because
I was using the wrong property name. Now it is correctly being honored.

M ri/checkout-source/tck-utils/impl/pom.xml
M ri/checkout-source/tck-utils/api/pom.xml
M ri/checkout-source/tck-utils/pom.xml

- Update from jboss source.

Change Path Actions
M trunk/v3/extras/bean-validator/api/checkout/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/extras/bean-validator/ri/checkout-source/tck-utils/api/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/extras/bean-validator/ri/checkout-source/tck-utils/impl/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/extras/bean-validator/ri/checkout-source/tck-utils/pom.xml
M trunk/v3/extras/bean-validator/ri/checkout/pom.xml
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