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summary: M community-theme/src/main/resources/branding/
revision: 33431
author: edburns
date: 2009-10-28 01:37:59 UTC (7 years)
message: M community-theme/src/main/resources/branding/

- At Ken's suggestion, use instead of to
pop up the help window.

M common/src/main/resources/help/help.jsf

- make it so the Strings resource bundle from the admingui core module
can be used to supply localized strings. The first use of this is for
the title of the help window.

- Define a loadHelpPageFromContextRef() function that does some prefix
magic, still to be fleshed out, and calls thru to

M common/src/main/resources/js/adminjsf.js

- modify launchHelp to hard code the new JSF2 based help.jsf page and
use that page to call openHelpWindow().

M core/src/main/resources/org/glassfish/admingui/core/

- helpWindowTooltip now only supports opening the help window in a new
window. New Tab is no longer supported.
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M trunk/v3/admingui/common/src/main/resources/help/help.jsf
M trunk/v3/admingui/common/src/main/resources/js/adminjsf.js
M trunk/v3/admingui/community-theme/src/main/resources/branding/
M trunk/v3/admingui/core/src/main/resources/org/glassfish/admingui/core/
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