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summary: Fix for 15726
revision: 44766
author: tjquinn
date: 2011-01-28 05:54:29 UTC (4 years)
message: Fix for 15726

Similarly to cygwin, MKS on Windows expects the path separator to be the Unix-style colon separator. Java, left alone, though, will report the semi-colon as the path separator on Windows even if run under MKS. These changes cause the appclient script (non-Windows version only, which is used by MKS and cygwin shells as well as Unix shells) to set a property which indicates (basically) that a Unix-style invocation is in progress. This way, CLIBootstrap can use the suitable path separator.

Approved: Nazrul
Reviewed: Chris
Tests: appclient tests on Mac OS X, Windows/cygwin, Windows/MKS
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M branches/3.1/appclient/client/appclient-scripts/src/main/resources/glassfish/bin/appclient
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