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summary: - Split GlassFish's parent pom (main/pom.xml) into Nucleus's parent pom (main/nucleus/pom.xml) and GlassFish Appserver's parent pom (main/appserver/pom.xml)
revision: 55835
author: martin.mares
date: 2012-09-07 15:30:25 UTC (4 years)
message: - Split GlassFish's parent pom (main/pom.xml) into Nucleus's parent pom (main/nucleus/pom.xml) and GlassFish Appserver's parent pom (main/appserver/pom.xml)

- Redefine new pom.xml inheritance:
- GlassFish's parent is not the parent inherited transitively by all modules, it is now nucleus
- GlassFish's parent is now an aggregator pom only!
- GlasFish Appserver's parent pom inherits Nucleus's parent pom

- The dependencies management will be done either in:
- Nucleus's parent: for all non javaee dependencies except for few exceptions (e.g. jersey)
- GlassFish Appserver's parent: for all javaee dependencies or appserver only dependencies.

- Prepare JDK7 enforcement:
- JDK7 enforcement is commented-out for now.
- Removed all profiles pulling system scoped dependency to tools.jar
- Define this profile in nucleus's parent pom.xml, makes it work with JDK7 on Mac BTW (had to exclude this dependency in the maven bundle plugin as it is now at the top level)

Ran All QuickLooks (gd_security, wd_security, em) on both and

Change Path Actions
M trunk/main/appserver/admin/runtime/rtapt/apt/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/appclient/server/core/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/flashlight/client/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/ha/ha-apt/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/installer/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/javaee-api/javax.javaee/compact/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/packager/external/libpam4j/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/packager/glassfish-osgi/pom.xml
M trunk/main/appserver/pom.xml
M trunk/main/cloud-extra/pom.xml
M trunk/main/nucleus/flashlight/framework/pom.xml
M trunk/main/nucleus/pom.xml
M trunk/main/pom.xml
M trunk/main/repo-import/pom.xml
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