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Revision: 62292

additional fix for GLASSFISH-20678: Conflicting init-param in web-fragment
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romain_grecourt 62243 almost 2 years ago udpate README.txt to reflect the...
Shing Wai Chan 62275 almost 2 years ago update maven-compiler-plugin ver...
Bill Shannon 62245 almost 2 years ago Allow "by" in copyright line.
romain_grecourt 62235 almost 2 years ago fix typo
Sahoo 62247 almost 2 years ago GLASSFISH-20646: [regression] fe...
Bill Shannon 62279 almost 2 years ago Change findbugstotext to only pr...
hvilekar 40297 over 4 years ago Added support to specify node se...
Sandeep Shrivastava 62157 almost 2 years ago [maven-release-plugin] prepare f...
Shing Wai Chan 62292 almost 2 years ago additional fix for GLASSFISH-206...
java_re 61145 about 2 years ago [maven-release-plugin] prepare f...
Claire Yang 61379 about 2 years ago Globalization: main-docs-l10n: G...
romain_grecourt 62260 almost 2 years ago change version from 4.0.1 to 4.1
vijay_oracle 59602 over 2 years ago Sorting entries according to bui...
japod 62185 almost 2 years ago update jersey patch to include 2...
edburns 62067 about 2 years ago M javaee7/script/process.j...
Shing Wai Chan 62267 almost 2 years ago fix xmlns
This file describes the subdirectories of
Last updated: 06/18/2013 by

- api

	Some separate API definition maven projects to allow API jar files
	to be published independently of GlassFish.

- copyright-plugin

	The maven plugin that checks for the correct copyright/license
	notice in files related to the GlassFish project.

- external

	Copies of third party open source projects that are used in the
	build of GlassFish, along with tools to build those projects.
	GlassFish depends on the versions of these projects that we build,
	not directly on binaries produced by the originating project.

- fighterfish

	Modules supporting use of OSGi by Java EE applications.

- findbugs

	The common FindBugs exclude list used by GlassFish projects,
	as well as related tools used in scripts in Hudson jobs.

- maven-plugins

	A directory containing various maven plugin (embedded-glassfish and plugins used during builds)

- hudson-plugin

	Hudson plugin to help with cluster testing.

- logging-annotation-processor

	A Java annotation processor that handles logging-related annotations.

- main

	The main GlassFish project source code.

- main-docs

	Documentation resources (online help, etc.) for the GlassFish project.

- main-docs-l10n

	L10n documentation resources (online help, etc.) for the GlassFish project.

- schemas

	The JCP-defined XML schemas for many Java EE specs.

- v2

	The older GlassFish v2 source code.
	Also contains the current devtests for GlassFish.
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