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Last updated July 10, 2013 00:23, by hvilekar

Glassfish MBean Annotation Library Wiki

The GlassFish MBean Annotation Library (gmbal, pronounced "Gumball") is a library for using annotations to create Open MBeans. There is similar functionality in JSR 255 for JDK 7, but gmbal only requires JDK 5. Gmbal also supports JSR 77 ObjectNames and the GlassFish Version 3 AMX requirements for MBeans. As a consequence, gmbal-enabled classes will be fully manageable in GlassFish v3 using the standard GlassFish v3 admin tools, while still being manageable with generic MBean tools when not run under GlassFish v3.

Available documentation for the gmbal project includes:

Source Repositories and Build Steps

Repository Clone Build Generated distribution Maven Release
GMBAL hg clone 3.1: cd ws ; ant 4.0: mvn clean install 3.1: dist/gmbal.jar 4.0: target/gmbal.jar, target/gmbal-api-only.jar link
GlassFish Management API: hg clone cd ws ; mvn clean install target/management-api*.jar link
Primitive Function Library hg clone Use NetBeans "build project" ./dist/pfl.jar link

Note: The project was earlier hosted at:

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