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RE: Dev assist

  • From: andre vkouwen <andre.van.kouwen@...>
  • To: <dev@...>
  • Subject: RE: Dev assist
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 01:03:08 +0200
  • Importance: Normal

hi Brad,

A very warm welcome! I am very surprised to be honest. Seems like you have seen the code otherwise you wouldn't ask these specific questions.

The basic idea is very simple: each view that can be manipulated by a user in some way (so also JTabbedPane) can emit data model and selection change type safe messages, that's it. So the controller doesn't know i.e. not the difference between a JList and a JTable in row mode or when there are a fixed number of rows it could i.e. also be a Buttongroup: for the controller it doesn't matter: the controller is decoupled as much as possible from the View which makes the controller much more portable to other types of views.

Right now, when I have time, I am working on the basic types of Swing Views:
* table
* JChoose.., JList etc
* toggle buttons

New is that toggle buttons will also have a data model which can be set and will also emit data model change messages, and when pressed they emit in selection change the entire datamodel contents: very handy for OK buttons. Button will be (nice to have) be disabled when data-model is empty.

I have cleaned up the code recently to focus first on the various earlier mentioned groups of views. The idea is to work these out so that they are as perfect as they can be, still need to write ie JUnit test. Is quite tricky to fully implement the designated interfaces. A generic interface is also required to change the datamodel contents I believe.

May be you can go through the code with the above information in mind and may be suggest to work on an item. As mentioned (I think) the groups are
* table
* list
* toggle
* (tabbed) pane

I think it would be ideal to implement these views first so that the interfaces are solid and won't change any further.

when that is done the other similar views in a group is almost copy/paste work. The best for now is to ( I hate it ...) copy and paste and tailor it. It might be possible to add code or method to the base class but that might  be added in version 2.0 of this framework. For 1.0 it's going to be "Keep It Simple Stupid". (Kiss)

So if with this knowledge you can go through the code and make a suggestion than we can go from there.

Great to have you on board!


> To: dev@...
> From: brad@...
> Subject: Dev assist
> Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 03:26:25 +0000
> Hi,
> How can I help with the development?
> What is the basic plan?
> Are you looking to provide wrapper classes for all Swing objects by
> 'extend'ing them?
> Regards,
> Brad.

Dev assist

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RE: Dev assist

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