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generate the selected and deselected events for JTable selection
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Swing design remarks
In this section describes certain GMVC implementation due to Swing design flaws.


- A Set Event/listerner/data model/selection model is a special case of an Entitt model/event/etc
- Should a GView data model extend a standard Swing Model or should it have just a reference to that Swing JModel instead? 
    If it is a reference means that a lot of code can be reused and the user can set any (in this case for a Combobox) ListModel
    based model they like, when going for the first option means that the use has to rewrite somehow the Model which sounds
    like a pain (don't) know how: de-couple -> pass a reference to a ListModel in constructor  

Release Notes
- 2013/06/23 merged many classes that where specificly introduced for Button type views
- 2013/06/09 Implemented GMenuItem and GMenu, GRadioButtonMenuItem and GCheckBoxMenuItem and write simple test class
- 2013/06/07 write a test class TestGCheckButton that has a 2 CheckButtons and one GButton: the left most
			 check box enables/disables the other checkbox and gbutton by "writing" the selected Entity
			 into the other checkbox ang gbutton
- 2013/06/06 GButton is first implementation of an Entity datamodel and selection model. The selection uses 
 			 the GMVC's datamodel and listen's for changes in the GMVC datamodel. Broadcasting the selction
 			 change for Entity Vieuw (Buttons, checkbuttons etc with traditional mo underlying Object do now
 			 have like List, Combobos, table and tree "an" Object, that can be set (written) and when an
 			 ActionEvent is fired that Object instance is than fired to selection change listeners similar
 			 to List, Table Combobox etc etc: same principle. GButton is also tested.
- 2013/06/01 Fixed compile errors and warnings
             the generic part for entity and set models is taking shape classes are becoming very clean  
- 2013/05/31 Still work in progress :S The generic classes are taking shape
 			Note: I hate checking uncompilable code..... :(
- 2013/05/30 This is work in progress :S it does compile any more and major restructuring is on 
 			it 's way: these are the changes made in the last week.
 			Note: I hate checking uncompilable code..... :(
- 2013/05/23 GList, GTree and GTable now all emit the same data and selection change messages. 
             This is a significant step in GMVC.
             Note that there is no testing done on the current version of GMVC.
             This version compiles without any error and any warnings.
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