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mikethayes 6332 over 2 years ago bug#14578218 Fix for NPEs and in...
Justin Lee 2954 about 6 years ago the release stuff seems broken s...
Justin Lee 2961 about 6 years ago last time for this I hope. i ne...
Justin Lee 6232 about 4 years ago merge from git
httpd 1 almost 9 years ago Set up initial layout.
oleksiys 5893 over 4 years ago + start 1.0.40 dev
jfarcand 2453 over 6 years ago Handle keep-alive a la blocking ...
jfarcand 3454 almost 6 years ago Fix config
survivant 4281 over 5 years ago refactoring deployer
gustav trede 4057 over 5 years ago
Justin Lee 4386 over 5 years ago disable websockets by default. ...
This is the /branches directory of the `grizzly' Subversion repository.

Subdirectories of this directory are active branches of the project.
When a branch is no longer active, its subdirectory may be removed.
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