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Last updated June 24, 2013 22:19, by Anders
== '''Hawkoholic Overview''' == [[image: Hawkoholic1.png|971x597px]] === '''Menu''' === A popup menu will be displayed when right clicking on the Hawkoholic tray icon. [[image: Hawkoholic_menu.png]] === '''Configuration''' === Hawkoholic is creating a configuration file "Hawkoholic.cfg" in the '''user home directory'''. Hawk specific configuration like service, network, domain, demon will be read during startup, The '''hosts''' property can be populated with a comma separated list of host names to ignore alerts from hosts not mentioned in the list. No host based filter will be applied if the host property is empty. It is possible to log the alerts, a log file '''hawkoholic.log''' will then be created in the user home directory if logging. Alert levels for displaying and logging purposes does not require restart if they are changed via the Settings dialog. [[image: Hawkoholic_settings.png]] === '''Running''' === Hawkoholic is an executable jar file, open a command prompt and run java -jar [path_to_jar]Hawkoholic.jar. Ex: [[image: Hawkoholic_cmd1.png]]
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