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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<project name="hdcookbook" default="hdcookbook-discimage" basedir=".">
    <property file=""/>
    <property file=""/>	

  <!-- This will create a hdcookbook disc image and the tools required for it -->
    <target name="hdcookbook-discimage" depends="check-stubs, tools">
      <!-- Build Grin's compile-time (javase-based) library and tools,
       as well as the hdcookbook sample disc image -->
        <ant dir="xlets/hdcookbook_discimage"/>
    <target name="grin">
      <!-- Build GRIN library and tools, including the mosaic builder -->
        <ant dir="AuthoringTools"/>
  <!-- Build all the tools under the AuthoringTools and the DiscCreationTools -->
    <target name="tools" depends="check-stubs">
        <ant dir="DiscCreationTools"/>
        <ant dir="AuthoringTools"/>

    <target name="xlets" depends="tools"
            description="build all xlets">
        <ant dir="xlets"/>
  <!-- A target for doing everything, except for putting javadoc to the www directory-->
    <target name="all" depends="xlets, javadoc">
        <!-- Creates a binary bundle -->
        <ant antfile="dist.xml"/>

  <!-- A target for running the automated tests that we have -->
    <target name="test">
        <ant dir="xlets/hdcookbook_discimage" antfile="run_jdktools.xml"
        <ant dir="xlets/grin_samples" target="autotest-grinview"/>
    <!-- Build a GRIN javadoc -->
    <target name="javadoc">
        <ant dir="AuthoringTools/grin" target="javadoc"/>

    <!-- Deploy GRIN javadoc to the www area -->
    <target name="javadoc-deploy" depends="javadoc">
        <ant dir="AuthoringTools/grin" target="javadoc-deploy"/>
	<copy file="DiscCreationTools/security/README.html"

    <target name="clean">
        <ant dir="DiscCreationTools" target="clean"/>
        <ant dir="AuthoringTools"    target="clean"/>
        <ant dir="xlets"             target="clean"/>
        <ant antfile="dist.xml"      target="clean"/>
        <delete dir="bin"/>

    <target name="spotless">
        <ant dir="DiscCreationTools" target="spotless"/>
        <ant dir="AuthoringTools"    target="spotless"/>
        <ant dir="xlets"             target="spotless"/>
        <ant antfile="dist.xml"      target="spotless"/>
        <delete dir="bin"/>
	<echo message=""/>
	<echo message="Cleaned out all generated file.  This removed keystore files used for"/>
	<echo message="signing, which means that the next build you do will result in xlets "/>
	<echo message="that are signed by a different, new entity."/>
	<echo message=""/>
    <target name="check-stubs">
        <available file="${HDC_BDJ_PLATFORM_CLASSES}" type="file"
        <fail unless="bdjstubs.ok"> 
        Could not find bd-j platform classes at 
        Please change the value of the "HDC_BDJ_PLATFORM_CLASSES" property 
        defined in the ${basedir}/ file.  
	A good way to do this is to create a file called
	contining the line "HDC_BDJ_PLATFORM_CLASSES=&lt;your path>/"
        Don't be alarmed, this is a configuration error.
        The HDCookbook source repository does not include BD-J platform classes
        needed for compiling applications against.  These classes need to be
        provided by you.
	describes one way to get them.

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