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This file contains some workarounds we've discovered for
various players.  Some or all of these workarounds might have
been discovered in non-product versions of player software, so
this should not be interpreted as a list of problems out in
the field.  It isn't.  However, it's useful to track various
workarounds in case someone runs into similar problems in the
future, perhaps with another player under development.

These workarounds haven't been put back to the repository.
If we were developing a commercial title to be as robust as
possible, we might incorporate some of these into the image, but
the HD cookbook disc image isn't a commercial title.  We intentionally
don't work around player bugs in this image.

8/30/07:  One player has a bug with IXC that manifests itself
          as the game not launching.  A workaround is to include
          the classes com.hdcookbook.bookmenu.monitor.* in
          the menu xlet.  This can be done by removing the following
          line from the build-menu-xlet target in build_xlets.xml:
                <exclude name="com/hdcookbook/bookmenu/monitor/**" />

          The player is looking for the class that implements the
          IXC interface on the server side.  It shouldn't be.

8/30/07:  One player had a bug where a signed xlet can only mount
          a signed asset file.  The workaround is to sign the
          book menu's assets file (00004.jar), by adding it to
          the arg line under the sign-xlets target in

          A signed xlet is allowed to mount an unsigned jar.
          Indeed, this practice is recomended.

          Since the report of this bug, we've received a pre-release
          version of the player in question that fixes this bug, so this
          workaround will soon be obsolete.  Please remember that signing
          an asset file is generally not recommended, because it increases
          launch time.
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