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chihiro_saito 215 about 9 years ago Updating the "bundle" target bas...
chihiro_saito 348 almost 9 years ago HDCookbook workspace refactoring...
chihiro_saito 255 about 9 years ago Issue 67, fixes image creation:...
Thank you for your interest in the hdcookbook project.  

This bundle contains a build snapshot of the code repository.  

- GrinJavaDocs
  Javadocs for the current GRIN APIs.  
  "javase" includes APIs available during the grin compile time on a desktop.
  "javame" is an API set available during the xlet runtime.

- Tools/GrinLibraries
  Compiled version of the current GRIN libraries.  
  "javase" is a library set for the grin compile time on a desktop.
  "javame" is a library set that is expected to be bundled with an xlet and be on a disc.  This is compiled with right javac options to work against PBP 1.0.

- Tools
  Includes tools that are helpful in making a valid blu-ray disc image, such as generating a bdjo file and signing a jar file.  

  Holds a hdcookbook sample xlets needed to create a disc image. 
  Combine this with the rest of the BDMV files available at 
  "" can be used to create a complete, working blu-ray disc image sample.
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