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Troubleshooting Login and Registration Issues

Common issues

PROBLEM: After filling out the Sign Up page and clicking the Create My Account button, you see an error saying that your username is already in use.

 DUPLICATE_USERNAME: Username already exists in registry.

SOLUTION: This is usually a situation where you already have a Sun Developer Network(SDN) account that uses that same username (called Screen-Name in SDN profile) and email address. You should leave Sign Up and go to the Login page, then login with your SDN username and password.


  • You really are using a username that's already in use. Enter a different username and try again.

PROBLEM: Clicking the Create My Account button on the Sign Up page returns the error message:

 Change Rejected
 The change you wanted was rejected.
 Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to?

SOLUTION: Make sure cookies are turned on in your browser.


  • This error message occurs in other areas of the application when you do not have proper permissions.

PROBLEM: Trying to log in and your password doesn't seem to work any longer

SOLUTION: The Kenai authentication system is the same for many other Sun sites. SDN (Sun Developer Network) is one of the largest. If you have changed you password on one of those sites, it will change it on Kenai as well. Try using the password that you changed to on that other site.

If you have an existing Oracle Technology Network logins, please re-register on via or the "Join Now" link on top right corner. There is no SSO between and OTN yet.


  • You really did forget your password. ;-) Using the Forgot Password process should get you going again.
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