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[Hudson-Dev] read only access for Hudson dashboard

  • From: Irfan Sayed <irfu.sayed@...>
  • To: users@..., Hudson Developers <dev@...>
  • Subject: [Hudson-Dev] read only access for Hudson dashboard
  • Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 11:57:38 +0530


I would like to give read only access to all dev/qa folks to hudson URL
as of now , i have enabled security for hudson (hudson own database) so , whenever someone hits the hudson URL , it asks for the user-name and password.
instead, what should be done is, it should display the Hudson dashboard with read only to all users and when some user wants to do some tasks (fire the build, change the con-fig  etc) then user has to login by clicking login button

i have seen sign up option, but that is not that much helpful because, it encourages to create the login id's in bulk and system may go out of control. further, once they create the login id themselves, they have to give me that ID and then i will assign the permission. And it does not give read only option to entire dashboard
i, as a hudson admin will create the login iD's, assign permission and send it to concern user so that they can login and do the tasks.

for example, if we browse to IBM site ( then any user can browse the site but certain tasks needs login authentication by clicking sign up/login option
same feature , i need in Hudson

please suggest


[Hudson-Dev] read only access for Hudson dashboard

Irfan Sayed 08/29/2011
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