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[Hudson-Users] Concept using Hudson

  • From: Joerg Mohre <jmohre@...>
  • To: <users@...>
  • Subject: [Hudson-Users] Concept using Hudson
  • Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 13:46:22 +0200

Hi all,

at the moment we think about using Hudson for our continuos work - but i am not sure if our concept is ok or if there are better solutions.

What we want to do with Hudson:

        1. Checkout sources (SVN)
        2. build firmware (GNU make)
        3. test new firmware automatically
                - We have an automated testsystem with AutoIT scripts running on a Windows PC.
                  There is a script available for each test case.
                - We use testlink as our test management system.
                So Hudson should read the test cases according to a testplan from testlink (testlink plugin) and executes the corresponding test scripts on the Windows PC.
                At the end of a test case Hudson shall report the results to testlink.

Hudson is running on a Linux machine.

I assume that step 1 & 2 will be no problem.
Access to testlink from Hudson should also be possible using the testlink plugin.

But how can a call the test scripts (*.exe) on the Windows PC?

What do you think about this concept?
Does this work with Hudson or are there better way to realize.

Any comments or links would be appreciated.




[Hudson-Users] Concept using Hudson

Joerg Mohre 05/23/2011

[Hudson-Users] Re: Concept using Hudson

Corneil du Plessis 05/23/2011

[Hudson-Users] Re: Concept using Hudson

danny staple 05/24/2011
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