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[Hudson-Users] Sonar-runner step never completes

  • From: Johan Pretorius <pretoriusjf@...>
  • To: users@...
  • Subject: [Hudson-Users] Sonar-runner step never completes
  • Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 16:43:41 +0200
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Hi all,

I run Hudson 1.383 on Windows 2003 Server Enterprise, with a node on Windows 7 Ultimate to build my project.  Amongst others, I have the Sonar plugin installed, and run an instance of Sonar v2.8 on the same server as the Hudson instance (in a separate container).

I don't use the sonar plugin to kickoff sonar integration after the build, as that proved troublesome (we don't use Maven, and it's the only way it wants to communicate).  So instead, I created a build step to call sonar-runner v1.0.  This all seems to work very well, except that the last step (calling sonar-runner) never completes, even when the console output unambiguously indicates that it is quite done.  Below is an example of the last part of such a log file.

Am I doing something in the Hudson config to break it in this way?  I don't think that's possible, is it?

Is there some way to force a task to complete based on console output?  If it says "ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL, you can browse...", then I know it was a success, right.  Maybe I can set the build's success/failure state according to the success/failure of a previous step.  Is this possible?

[INFO] Execute Findbugs 1.3.9 done: 18438 ms [INFO] Sensor FindbugsSensor done: 18669 ms [INFO] Sensor CpdSensor... [INFO] Sensor CpdSensor done: 303 ms [INFO] Execute decorators... [INFO] ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL, you can browse http://03sq5-001:9000 [INFO] Executing post-job class org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.runner.PurgeRunner [INFO] Database optimization... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeOrphanResources... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeOrphanResources done: 13 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeEntities... [INFO] Deleting files data before Mon May 30 01:49:53 CAT 2011 [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeEntities done: 7 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeRuleMeasures... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeRuleMeasures done: 315 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeUnprocessed... [INFO] Deleting unprocessed data before Mon May 30 01:49:53 CAT 2011 [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeUnprocessed done: 6 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDeletedResources... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDeletedResources done: 5 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDeprecatedLast... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDeprecatedLast done: 10 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDisabledResources... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDisabledResources done: 9 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeResourceRoles... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeResourceRoles done: 11 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeEventOrphans... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeEventOrphans done: 7 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgePropertyOrphans... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgePropertyOrphans done: 12 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.period.PeriodPurge... [INFO] There are no snapshots to purge [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.period.PeriodPurge done: 15 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDependencies... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeDependencies done: 34 ms [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeOrphanReviews... [INFO] Purge org.sonar.plugins.dbcleaner.purges.PurgeOrphanReviews done: 3 ms [INFO] Database optimization done: 455 ms

Johan Pretorius
Cell: 0829268327

[Hudson-Users] Sonar-runner step never completes

Johan Pretorius 05/30/2011

[Hudson-Users] Re: Sonar-runner step never completes

Johan Pretorius 05/30/2011
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