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        <li class="major bug">Bug Fix</li>
        <li class="major rfe">Enhancement</li>
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	  <h2>Changelog for Production Versions of Hudson</h2>
	  <p>This page details the changes in Hudson 2.n and below. For changes in the Eclipse milestone builds of Hudson 3 please look <a href="">here</a></p>
	  <h3><a name="v2.2.1">What's new in 2.2.1 </a> (2012/05/31)</h3>
	  <h4>New Features</h4>
	    <ul class="image"><li class="rfe">Upgrade to SVNKit 1.7</li></ul>
	  <h4>Bug Fixes</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-7540</a>] - Conditionnals at 100% 0/0 on report</li>
        <li  class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-8935</a>] - URLS for the new Maven 3 plugins point to;blah&gt; rather than;blah&gt;</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-8942</a>] - Build failure with Java 7</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-8999</a>] - Modal dialog for deleting an individual build from a job build          history</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-9029</a>] - Two git build data links for a multi repos git job</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-9069</a>] - Matrix jobs become concurrent when more then two jobs are          queued up</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-9095</a>] - Delete dialog in the Slave Node page does not work</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-9101</a>] - When searching with empty string, http error 404 is shown</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-9109</a>] - Bug with 'block build when downstream project is building'          feature</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-9113</a>] - Debian Distribution file contains incorrect file size</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href="">HUDSON-9119</a>] - Subversion updating credential fails</li>
      <h3><a name="v2.2.0">What's new in 2.2.0 </a> (2011/12/08)</h3>
      <h4>New Features</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3157</a>] - Feature request: cascading project settings </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7046</a>] - Block Build when downstream project is building - No UI for matrix build </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8938</a>] - Option to notify user of Hudson account creation </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8896</a>] - Useless stacktraces reported on XML unmarshall problems </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8944</a>] - Remove legacy authorization </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8946</a>] - API in the new maven3 integration is missing a method to get the filepath of a archived artifact </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9027</a>] - Enhancement of maven-plugin to recognise surefire reports generated by utplsql maven plugin </li>
      <h4>Bug Fixes</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-753</a>] - Should perform clean checkout if update fails </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8176</a>] - Matrix Projects variables do not Escaped properly the / character in the URL </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8955</a>] - Maven3 archive runs when then job has failed. </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8961</a>] - Documentation states batch mode is activated, but it is not </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8964</a>] - Scroll bars on Maven information page is almost invisible </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8982</a>] - Subversion Polling Log serialize error after upgrade to subversion-plugin build #49 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9040</a>] - Optional plugin for static code analysis plugin causes console errors in Hudson </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9050</a>] - Cascading projects do not prevent circular dependencies </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9051</a>] - A template job can be removed without warning that cascading jobs will no longer build </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9064</a>] - UnsupportedOperationException: Method not implemented when installing slavebundle on JBoss5 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9067</a>] - NPE when building </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9068</a>] - Fingerprinting doesn't work in cascaded projects </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9072</a>] - 500 Exception adding a slave axis to a matrix build in IE8 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9073</a>] - Maven 3 configuration panel doesn't work in IE9 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9077</a>] - Jelly exception running Build now on a project from the homepage after upgrade to 2.2.0 from 2.1.0 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9078</a>] - There is no help available for 'Cascading Project' in the New Job creation page </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9089</a>] - CLI causing parameters to get dropped. </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9065</a>] - Fix parent poms so we can stage and release the legacy-maven, maven3, and rest plugins separate from core </li>
      <h3><a name="v2.1.2">What's new in 2.1.2 </a> (2011/10/06)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4040</a>] - Autocomplete &quot;Projects to build&quot; under &quot;Post-build Actions&quot; </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5818</a>] - Mixed Spring jar versions (2.5 and 1.2.9) in hudson.war package </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6099</a>] - Add cancel all UI element to Build Queue table </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6230</a>] - Display job-description also on parameters page when starting a parametrized job </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6290</a>] - Add a &quot;New View&quot; link in the sidebar of Hudson </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7926</a>] - Add time execution of the build on build detail page </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8044</a>] - Displaying line.separator without any quoting doesn't make sense </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8209</a>] - Update hudson.Util.VARIABLE to support variable names with a '.' in them </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8579</a>] - &quot;Build now&quot; link text not the best wording </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8997</a>] - Display node description when hovering on the node name </li>
      <h4>Bug Fixes</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8951</a>] - NPE at ~[maven3-eventspy-runtime.jar:na] during buld </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8995</a>] - Override ChangeLogSet.getKind </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8998</a>] - In a multi-configuration job expanding a second user defined axis to multi line doesn't work </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9001</a>] - NPE when starting Hudson 2.1.1 with --daemon </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9002</a>] - hudson.util.IOException2 in hudson.model.Api.doXml </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9004</a>] - NPE after upgrading to 2.1.1 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9010</a>] - Jobs are not recovered when upgrading from 2.0.1 to 2.1.1 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9011</a>] - JavaScript bugs in Hudson Version 2.1.1 using Internet Explorer 8 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9012</a>] - &quot;java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method&quot; in Browser error with disables security manager </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9020</a>] - NullPointerException evaluating: it.getDiskUsage().getBuildUsageString() </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9021</a>] - Regression: missing Plugin-Class header when using maven-hpi-plugin:2.1.1 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-9032</a>] - Error machine when failing to install ant because is offline was poor </li>
      <h3><a name="v2.1.1">What's new in 2.1.1 </a> (2011/08/30)</h3>
      <h4>New Features</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5163</a>] - Viewgit addition to Hudson </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8916</a>] - Add &quot;; system property </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-2270</a>] - Console page of broken build should have a &quot;(re)build now&quot; button </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8922</a>] - User name vs username </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8983</a>] - Modal dialog for deleting users from the user's page </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8984</a>] - Modal dialog for deleting users from the &quot;Users database&quot; page </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8985</a>] - Modal dialog for log recorder delete confirmation </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8986</a>] - Modal dialog for View delete confirmation </li>
      <h4>Bug Fixes</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-2344</a>] - Subversion changes are listed multiple times </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3650</a>] - Specify minimum number of builds to keep when setting max days </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4220</a>] - Deadlock during Maven Build </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4433</a>] - log4j upgrade to version 1.2.12 or later </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4525</a>] - GET .../config.xml -&gt; 500 (&quot;Failed to detect encoding&quot;) during hpi:run </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4605</a>] - Builds aborted during SVN update are marked as FAILURE </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4791</a>] - Concurrent Build Notation Not Friendly with SVN </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4868</a>] - ConcurrentModificationException on startup </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5060</a>] - '/' is added incorrectly before '?' in WebSvn url </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5624</a>] - Remoting does not retrieve resources in locally pre-fetched JARs </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6629</a>] - Cannot restart Hudson from the web frontend on OpenSolaris in VirtualBox </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6692</a>] - Timeline should use server's timezone, not GMT </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7426</a>] - CLONE -SMTP authentication not working </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7653</a>] - Apparently aborted build w/ incomplete artifacts marked as &quot;stable&quot; </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8147</a>] - Execute concurrent builds on one executer fails </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8196</a>] - marking a slave as &quot;offline&quot; doesn't persist across restart </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8340</a>] - The symbolic link lastStable points to lastSuccessful, ordinary maven2 project </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8554</a>] - SCM polling always return true when using specific revision in svn </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8668</a>] - Initial position of Timeline &quot;window&quot; shows interval 1 day ahead of most recent build </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8806</a>] - No documentation for 'Availability :Take this slave on-line according to a schedule' in Node configuration </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8807</a>] - Delete slave has no dialog for confirmation </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8811</a>] - Subversion plugin triggers the build even if the changes were outside the prefix directory </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8883</a>] - Wrong build history order </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8913</a>] - Return link from Manage Hudson - Maven 3 Configuration page should be 'Manage Hudson' not 'Manage Server' </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8914</a>] - Maven 3 Configuration page doesn't display in IE9 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8921</a>] - Login with hudson-managed accounts often fails </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8925</a>] - Wrong error message on ldap configuration </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8926</a>] - Unix security not working - not found </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8937</a>] - Enable &quot;Run builds concurrently&quot; with maven job type can cause deadlock,  hard kill and restart needed to recover </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8948</a>] - Debian init.d script has incorrect parsing of netstat output </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8950</a>] - $prj/ws/some/file returns 200 status code when there is no workspace </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8959</a>] - git plugin does not save some advanced values </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8966</a>] - remote operation error during CVS checkout to Hudson slave </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8968</a>] - NPE with git plugin </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8972</a>] - Name field on Create New Node screen has no help </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8973</a>] - Private maven repository check-box is enabled by default in case Maven 3 integration </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8992</a>] - Maven 3 SNAPSHOT Monitor adds a redundant tag to every job </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8993</a>] - Cannot create a Monitor External Job type Job if the Maven3 SNAPSHOT plugin is enabled. </li>
      <ul class="image">
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8971</a>] - Improve help text for &quot;POM File&quot; field in Maven 3 configuration so people know this is always relative to the workspace root </li>
      <h3><a name="v2.1.0">What's new in 2.1.0 </a> (2011/07/25)</h3>
      <h4>New Features</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5539</a>] - Extend Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy with SCM Configuration option </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8859</a>] - Merge in the integrated Maven3 support from Sonatype </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8882</a>] - Add git plugin as part of default Hudson install </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8886</a>] - Support load-time aspect weaving when injecting components </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8888</a>] - Add common, test, and plugin utility modules </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8889</a>] - Add JAXB compiler plugins </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8890</a>] - Generic Service API for projects, builds, etc. </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8891</a>] - Provide JAXB-based REST API and plugin </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8894</a>] - Support GWT in Hudson plugins </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8902</a>] - Problem with endOfLine on checkout </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-768</a>] -  Checkout two modules from different cvs location </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3230</a>] - Parameter usable as value for SCM fields </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3924</a>] - Export the useSecurity field of Hudson via the XML API </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4647</a>] - Skip tests that depend on if the website is down </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8641</a>] - Add a logrotate definition to the Hudson Debian package definition (similar to Apache, cron-apt, aptitude and apt) </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8887</a>] - Improved language </li>
      <h4>Bug Fixes</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5020</a>] - 1.336 opensuse init script broken (patch attached)</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5797</a>] - hudson debian package depends on default-jre but that brings in GUI libraries</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7449</a>] - Cvs SCM checks out more than listed in Modules</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7746</a>] - Killing processes on Mac OS X/64bit VM does not work</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7880</a>] - HTTP request for checkArtifacts hangs Hudson for a long time on large workarea</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8159</a>] - hudson debian pkg install failed on ubuntu 10.04 LTS due to java-virtual-machine dependency</li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8592</a>] - triggers remote issues if the file is not read until EOF (Pipe is already closed) </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8614</a>] -  ProcessTreeTest fails on Windows </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8700</a>] -  Excluded Users field with subversion doesn't accept users with dash (-) in name </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8779</a>] -  The Hudson Git Plugin should be installed by Default </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8815</a>] -  Help link for the search bar points at not </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8858</a>] -  Paramterized Build help redirects to jenkins wiki </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8881</a>] -  ERROR: Failed to record SCM polling </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8900</a>] -  Regression: hudson.model.ExecutorTest.testYank </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8901</a>] -  Regression: hudson.tasks.junit.TestResultPublishingTest.testOpenJUnitPublishing </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8904</a>] -  Deleting branch or repo causes npe </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8915</a>] -  Older style maven job does not load </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8924</a>] -  Proxy config help missing </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8929</a>] -  cvs SCM polling build trigger does not work </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8930</a>] -  Cannot override Maven 3 Builder Defaults in individual jobs </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8932</a>] -  Problem starting staged 2.1.0 hudson.war under Tomcat </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8933</a>] -  ClassCastException on startup </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8934</a>] -  SCM Polling stack trace at startup </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7833</a>] -  Hudson fails to calculate changelog with CVS 1.12 </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8862</a>] - Both old and new Maven plugins contribute a configuration element to the Hudson management page - need to either differentiate or merge them </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8906</a>] - Document Choosing Strategy </li>
      <h3><a name="v2.0.1">What's new in 2.0.1</a> (2011/05/31)</h3>
      <h4>New Features</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8446</a>] - 'builds' directory in a separate location</li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8923</a>] - Git authentication like subversion authentication</li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3808</a>] - Hudson doesn't pass the env:APPDATA variable</li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3824</a>] - Per-project matrix authorization strategy isn't accurate for newly created projects</li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4354</a>] - Make Hudson user names case insensitive</li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4463</a>] - Currently logged in user should be available as environment variable</li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8797</a>] - Email Notification - System Admin E-Mail Address</li>
      <h4>Bug Fixes</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-1379</a>] - SVN credentials are keyed on hostname only </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3580</a>] - Workspace deleted when subversion checkout happens </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3701</a>] - SIGSEGV </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3865</a>] - 403 Error using SVN </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3922</a>] - Slave is slow copying maven artifacts to master </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3935</a>] - Atom feed (and RSS?) doesn't contain description </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4567</a>] - Hudson does not use the credentials stored in the subversion profile </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4571</a>] - Archiving in maven build frooze with 1.236 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4586</a>] - Smtp authentication cannot be saved </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4617</a>] - &quot;Include culprits&quot; option not working </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4639</a>] - some special characters are removed in windows batch commands </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4927</a>] - invalid eMail-Adress breaks e-mailing to others </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5084</a>] - WORKSPACE env variable is incorrect for matrix project on windows slaves </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5336</a>] - Users are automatically created when going thru HUDSON_URL/user/[anything] </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5585</a>] - Passwords for CM tool launch shown in clear text in console logs. </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6312</a>] - cvs log error </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6590</a>] - Backslashes at the end of custom workspace names are truncated </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6810</a>] - Hudson doesn't run on clean jboss due to class cast exeption </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6833</a>] - Internal server error with matrix based authentication and HTTP basic authentication </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7363</a>] - Improve label choice to provide both dropdown (for simple) and textbox (for complex) </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7623</a>] - Hudson build console output produces outofmemory </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7655</a>] - Another case of frozen build </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7671</a>] - Jobs are failing after successful build process </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7686</a>] - Build stops randomly </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7788</a>] - Build Console not displayed due to Java Heap OutOfMemoryError </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7804</a>] - Subversion Plugin failed while checking out </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7813</a>] - Archiving artifacts very slow </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7882</a>] - Console log can throw OutOfMemoryError if it contains a malformed ConsoleNote </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7895</a>] - jobs do not start </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7975</a>] - Hudson PermGen error </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7991</a>] - Not possible to reach people / user screen [null pointer exception] </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8131</a>] - Subversion 1.2 fails accessing repositories via http </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8291</a>] - Bad user data in runtime job parameters </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8499</a>] - Windows batch command cannot redirect output to file </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8679</a>] - Hudson can't serve or accept files greater than 2GB </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8780</a>] - Hudson UI formalization and clean up </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8829</a>] - Maven HPI Plugin might not detect Hudson-Version when hudson-core is a provided scoped dependency </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8837</a>] - Subversion plugin fails to render ChangeSet </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8840</a>] - SCM abstraction layer does not provide an API to get revision </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8841</a>] - Setting SVN credentials for a job should not require administer permission </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8852</a>] - email-ext Change set always shows &quot;No changes&quot; </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8853</a>] - Small typo in the captcha text 'sing' rather than 'sign' </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8856</a>] - Recursive Archive of artifacts fails </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8857</a>] - Cannot login to existing or newly signed up users accounts </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8828</a>] - Replace use of sun.misc.Base64Encoder with commons codec</li>
      <h3><a name=v2.0>What's new in 2.0.0</a> (2011/04/21)</h3>
      <h4>New Features</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-777</a>] -   &nbsp;The need for Subversion command line options. </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8788</a>] - Modal dialog for project delete confirmation </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8805</a>] - Modal dialog for Login functionality not just submitted pages </li>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-3966</a>] - Add option to clean workspace before each build </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4669</a>] - Ability to specifiy the vm on the slave</li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7061</a>] - Plugin/extension handling improvements </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8781</a>] - Support &quot;bundleresource:&quot; and &quot;bundle:&quot; URL protocols when detecting class locations in the remoting layer </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8793</a>] - Investigate and fix Usage Data Collection </li>
        <li class="rfe">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8796</a>] - Hudson URL should not be prepopulated with localhost </li>
      <h4>Bug Fixes</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-1241</a>] - Force using HEAD SVN version for build </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-2073</a>] - SVN - Change credential does not work in project </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-4806</a>] - Multi svn gets fails </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5271</a>] - Tools download does not appear to respect proxy settings </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-5922</a>] - RedHat JBoss 5.0.0-GA breaks remoting because it uses jboss-vfs-2.1.3.SP1 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-6439</a>] - Timeline on BuildTimeTrend page does not work </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7535</a>] - Rebuilding dependency graph slow on large installations </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-7903</a>] - Unable to load winp.x64.dll </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8511</a>] - Maven 3.0.2 hudson.maven.MavenEmbedderException: Guice provision errors </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8647</a>] - Hudson 1.395 logs many messages about RecordReaper IllegalArgumentException </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8774</a>] - Help for System Log Log Recorder points to a missing page </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8776</a>] - Hudson Redhat installation not sending the process to background causes &quot;hung&quot; at OS restart </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8778</a>] - Latest Version of Maven not Updated in 1.398 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8784</a>] - M2-Builds does not work on Windows-Hudson-Client </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8786</a>] - Hudson 1.398 does not have a configuration to run as as Windows Service </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8787</a>] - NullPointerException when using DelegatingPluginStrategy with JBoss AS 5 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8791</a>] - Ant configuration - install from Apache - missing version 1.8.2 </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8792</a>] - Maven installations - Install from Apache - missing versions 3.0.3  and others </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8812</a>] - Log Parser Plugin missing in JSR330 PluginStrategy </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8817</a>] - SmoothiePluginStrategy should also query custom ExtensionFinders </li>
        <li class="bug">[<a href=''>HUDSON-8819</a>] - SmoothiePluginStrategy  does not seem to respect the &quot;ordinal&quot; value specified in the extension </li>
      <h3><a name=v1.398>What's new in 1.398</a> (2011/03/14)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="major bug">Remote Launcher randomly returns no data.
          (<a href="">issue 7809</a>)</li>
        <li class="bug">Null Pointer in EmmaPublisher
          (<a href="">issue 7586</a>)</li>
        <li class="bug">Error retrieving perforce change lists.
          (<a href="">issue 8245</a>)</li>
        <li class="bug">Perforce plugin incorrectly finds changes
          (<a href="">issue 8064</a>)</li>
        <li class="bug">Exceptions when communicating with Perforce "No output for:" (probably slave-only)
          (<a href="">issue 7664</a>)</li>
        <li class="major bug">Debian/Ubuntu package breaks apt-get
          (<a href="">issue 8742</a>)</li>
        <li class="major bug">Clean and restructure Hudson core code base with standard maven goals
          (<a href="">issue 8759</a>)</li>
      <h3><a name=v1.397>What's new in 1.397</a> (2011/03/08)</h3>
      <p>The 1.397 release was skipped; See 1.398</p>
      <h3><a name=v1.396>What's new in 1.396</a> (2011/02/10)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="major bug">Bring Autoupdate Centre back to Hudson CI infrastructure
          (<a href="">issue 8725</a>)</li>
        <li class="major bug">Clean up Hudson POM files and structure to align release from Nexus OSS.
          (<a href="">issue 8726</a>)</li>
        <li class="bug">Test Harness randomly fails due to synchronization problem.
          (<a href="">issue 8727</a>)</li>
        <li class="major bug">Setup hudson statistics collection at Hudson Infrastructure
          (<a href="">issue 8729</a>)</li>
        <li class="bug">Native RPM build fails to start in Fedora 11.3
          (<a href="">issue 8728</a>)</li>
      <h3><a name=v1.395>What's new in 1.395</a> (2011/01/21)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Do not chmod/chown symlink targets in /var/lib/hudson (debian package)
          (<a href="">issue 8502</a>
        <li class="bug"> M2 and M3 builds behave differently when tests fail.
          (<a href="">issue 8415</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson was failing to record the connection termination problem in slave logs.
        <li class="bug"> Node names can be edited to include slashes and then cannot be removed.
          (<a href="">issue 8437</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix temporarily offline slaves not showing active jobs
          (<a href="">issue 8546</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Startup performance improvement
        <li class="rfe"> Reduced the memory footprint used by fingerprints.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new extension point to support external login mechanisms.
        <li class="rfe"> Heap dump of running Hudson instance can be obtained by requesting /heapDump from
          the browser.
        <li class="rfe"> MavenReporter#postExecute parameter Throwable error is always empty in case of mojo failure
          (<a href="">issue 8493</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Improved the error diagnosis if a build fails because of the slave connectivity problem.
          (<a href="">issue 5073</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.394>What's new in 1.394</a> (2011/01/15)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Parsing poms fails if a module is a path to a pom (and not to a directory)
          (<a href="">issue 8445</a>)
        <li class="bug"> M3 builds doesn't have a colorized console
          (<a href="">issue 8411</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Bad path for submodules
          (<a href="">issue 8452</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add more options to configure maven project building
          (<a href="">issue 8406</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Violations plugin tries to access nonexistant directory.
          (<a href="">issue 8418</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> maven2 build fails due to 'RELEASE' plugin version.
          (<a href="">issue 8462</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Block build when downstream projects are building.
          (<a href="">issue 7046</a>)
        <li class="bug"> nonRecursive option is not honored anymore when parsing pom
          (<a href="">issue 8484</a>)
        <li class=ref> Maven 3 support : display same logging output as a maven build with the cli
          (<a href="">issue 8490</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.393>What's new in 1.393</a> (2011/01/09)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe"> Added CharacterEncodingFilter to prevent Non-ASCII characters from getting garbled.
        <li class="bug"> Maven mirrors not used when project uses Maven 2.2
          (<a href="">issue 8387</a>)
        <li class="bug"> NPE while parsing POMs
          (<a href="">issue 8391</a>)
        <li class="bug"> M2 POMs aren't parsed if there is a M3 control error like an invalid scope in a plugin dep.
          (<a href="">issue 8395</a>)
        <li class="bug"> POMs parsing fails in m2 projects which has a wrong inheritence (m3 constraint).
          (<a href="">issue 8390</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.392>What's new in 1.392</a> (2010/12/31)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major rfe'> Maven 3 support in maven-plugin. 
          (<a href="">issue 4988</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Turn Off "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages" Feature on the Server Side.
          (<a href="">issue 8352</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson installed as Windows service wasn't restarting properly
          (<a href="">issue 5090</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Escape quotes.
          (<a href="">issue 8270</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.391>What's new in 1.391</a> (2010/12/26)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> failed to build with "Trigger builds remotely" enabled.
          (<a href="">issue 8319</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> added a new extension point to use markup for job/user description
      <h3><a name=v1.390>What's new in 1.390</a> (2010/12/18)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> " (from WhateverTest)" gratuitously appended to test result detail pages.
          (<a href="">issue 5655</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a pipe leak to child processes.
          (<a href="">issue 8244</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed an NPE in ComputerRetentionWork
          (<a href="">issue 3696</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed an issue preventing to copy data on AIX, HP-UX or Linux for S/390.
          (<a href="">issue 8155</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Debian package init script now honors <tt>~/.profile</tt>.
        <li class="rfe"> Build names (e.g., "#123") can be now modified by users/plugins to arbitrary text.
          (<a href="">issue 53</a>, <a href="">issue 4884</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Allow the administrator to yank out dead executors.
      <h3><a name=v1.389>What's new in 1.389</a> (2010/12/11)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe"> Hide executors for offline nodes to conserve space in Build Executors Status list.
          (<a href="">issue 8252</a>)
        <li class="bug"> throw AccessDeniedException if "Authentication Token" is invalid.
          (<a href="">hudson-ja</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.388>What's new in 1.388</a> (2010/12/04)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Failure to UDP broadcast shouldn't kill the Hudson bootup process.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed an <tt>AbstractMethodError</tt> in listing up executors.
          (<a href="">issue 8106</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Slaves launched by JNLP fail to reprot their version numbers.
          (<a href="">issue 8060</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Restarting Hudson via debian init script didn't wait for the process to really terminate.
          (<a href="">issue 7937</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Test history with long build records had a scalability problem.
          (<a href="">issue 4621</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added the build number to the test result graph tooltip.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new extension point to contribute transient View actions.
        <li class="rfe"> Added "disable project" button.
        <li class="rfe"> Added "set-build-description" CLI command.
      <h3><a name=v1.387>What's new in 1.387</a> (2010/11/27)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Avoid <tt>AbstractMethodError</tt> in the executors rendering.
        <li class="bug"> Don't litter HUDSON_HOME with atomic*.xml files.
        <li class="bug"> Hudson is made more robust in the face of malformed console annotations.
        <li class="rfe"> Add parameter definition type and job name to job API
          (<a href="">issue 8133</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> "Install as a service" now supports Vista and Windows 7.
        <li class="rfe"> "Restart Hudson" button should appear when a plugin is manually installed.
        <li class="rfe"> In this release only the background is changed until Dec 5th to i387 chip,
          to celebrate our 1.387 release (the feature is time bombed and will revert
          to the butler after that date.)
      <h3><a name=v1.386>What's new in 1.386</a> (2010/11/19)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Support CSRF protection when submitting results of an external job.
          (<a href="">issue 7961</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Allow build to start when polling interval is shorter than quiet period and
          we need a workspace for polling.
          (<a href="">issue 8007</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix escaping of some special characters when passing properties to Ant on Windows.
          (<a href="">issue 7657</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Check poll_scm_threads.
        <li class="bug"> "Retain long standard output/error" option could not be checked when
          configuring a job.
          (<a href="">issue 7562</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Build number in Build History status was off-by-one.
          (<a href="">issue 7973</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Check whether the name of ToolInstlation is not null.
          (<a href="">issue 8088</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Prevent AbstractMethodError because of new method in Queue.Executor interface.
          (<a href="">issue 8033</a>)
        <li class="bug"> View "Delete" permission was not checked properly for showing link.
          (<a href="">issue 7605</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix javascript error in IE for some UI elements, such as one used by copyartifact plugin.
          (<a href="">issue 6756</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix serialization of array containing null elements.
          (<a href="">issue 8006</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Update bundled subversion plugin to version 1.20 and ssh-slaves to version 0.14.
      <h4><a name=v1.385>What's new in 1.385</a> (2010/11/15)</h4>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe"> Oops, same as 1.384
      <h3><a name=v1.384>What's new in 1.384</a> (2010/11/05)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> JDK download for auto installation was not honoring the proxy setting.
          (<a href="">issue 7327</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the "Not in GZIP format" error when archiving site / copying files / etc.
          (<a href="">issue 7745</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed garbled node description.
          (<a href="">Hudson-ja</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed 404 Not Found error when downgrade buttons are clicked.
          (<a href="">issue 7988</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Label expression textbox for "Restrict where this project can be run" now
          provides autocompletion suggestions.
      <h3><a name=v1.383>What's new in 1.383</a> (2010/10/29)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="major bug"> Fix security issue where a user with job configure permission could obtain
          admin permission for their session.
          (<a href="">issue 7256</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Build wrappers can now decorate the launcher or logger for matrix builds.
          (<a href="">issue 7868</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug where non-existent optional dependencies can result in a cascading load failure.
        <li class="rfe"> Added extension point to allow plugins to add global filters to console
          log streams.
        <li class="rfe"> Calculate "Estimated remaining time" for incremental Maven builds based on
          the modules which are actually being build.
          (<a href="">issue 6544</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.382>What's new in 1.382</a> (2010/10/24)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Recognize initialization tasks from plugins.
          (<a href="">issue 5427</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson was failing to report error messages in several situations during a build.
        <li class="bug"> UI for tying jobs to labels wasn't shown in some situations.
      <h3><a name=v1.381>What's new in 1.381</a> (2010/10/16)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a race condition.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed issue with LabelAxis longer than 30 characters causing failures when saving matrix job configuration.
          (<a href="">issue 7500</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Improved packet fragmentation in Winstone when writing out HTTP responses.
        <li class="rfe"><a href="">Extension Point to provide alternate UI for Project Views implemented</a>
          (<a href="">issue 1467</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.380>What's new in 1.380</a> (2010/10/09)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Safe restart was not working since 1.376
        <li class="bug"> Don't let help icons get keyboard focus. This improves the keyboard navigability of the configuration page.
        <li class="bug"> Debug message crept into the production code in 1.379.
          (<a href="">issue 7662</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed an AbstractMethodError in the UI with plugins (such as batch task.)
          (<a href="">issue 7546</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add "proxy compatible" option to default crumb issuing algoritm
          (<a href="">issue 7518</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.379>What's new in 1.379</a> (2010/10/02)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed a pipe clogging problem that can result in a hanging build.
          (<a href="">issue 5977</a>, <a href="">issue 7572</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible NPE in computing dependency changes.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the malformed HTTP request error recovery behavior in Winstone.
          (<a href="">issue 7201</a>)
        <li class="bug"> When checking module descendant relationships, SCM changelog paths were using system file separators while module paths were always using /s.
          (<a href="">issue 7611</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson was creating multiple instances of <tt>PageDecorator</tt>s, resulting in data consistency problem.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible AbstractMethodError 
          (<a href="">issue 7546</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Supported failsafe reports for the Maven2 job type.
          (<a href="">issue 4229</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.378>What's new in 1.378</a> (2010/09/25)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Improving the master/slave communication to avoid pipe clogging problem.
          (<a href="">issue 5977</a>)
        <li class='major bug'> Rolling back to Ant 1.8.0 due to bug in Ant 1.8.1 file copy with large files.
          (<a href="">issue 7013</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Multiple fingerprints and "redeploy artifacts" links are added to M2 builds when multiple forked lifecycles are invovled.
        <li class="bug"> Computation of the module build time in the m2 job was incorrect when multiple forked lifecycles are involved.
        <li class="bug"> Standardized logic for determining alternate settings file location in Maven projects for POM parsing and actual Maven execution.
          (<a href="">issue 4963</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Side effect from earlier fix of <a href="">issue 7300</a> - some help files were linking to a now-moved file in SVN directly. Those are all changed to relative paths now.
        <li class="bug"> BuildWrapper teardowns could not get result of build for Maven2 projects.
          (<a href="">issue 6033</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Properly handle incremental builds of Maven projects using relative paths to modules.
          (<a href="">issue 5357</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Setting of MAXOPENFILES was not reflected in the debian init script.
          (<a href="">issue 5721</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Do not expose static resources under <tt>WEB-INF</tt> to clients
          (<a href="">issue 7457</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Console annotations are added to highlight warnings/errors in Maven
        <li class="rfe"> If a polling initiated a build, capture its log to the build.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new extension point to prolong the quiet down period programmatically.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new extension point to make the ping behaviour customizable.
          (<a href="">issue 5249</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new classloader ("a la" child first for plugin)
          (<a href="">issue 5360</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.377>What's new in 1.377</a> (2010/09/19)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Moved nulling out of buildEnvironments to cleanUp, so that node variables are available in Publishers.
          (<a href="">issue 5925</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a persistence problem in the label properties.
          (<a href="">issue 7378</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a problem in saving configuration for matrix projects with multiple label axes.
          (<a href="">issue 7281</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed French localization problem.
          (<a href="">issue 6003</a>, <a href="">issue 7404</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Matrix project now supports custom workspace.
          (<a href="">issue 5077</a>)
        <li class='major rfe'> Queue/execution model is extended to allow jobs that consume multiple executors on different nodes.
      <h3><a name=v1.376>What's new in 1.376</a> (2010/09/11)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Error in some remote API requests since 1.373.
          (<a href="">issue 7299</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed RSS of each user's "last builds only" are not found.
          (<a href="">issue 7384</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Handle initialization problem more gracefully
          (<a href="">issue 7380</a>)
        <li class="bug"> A matrix build configuration page with multiple nodes/labels was broken since 1.373.
          (<a href="">issue 7281</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added downgrade support for the core and plugins.
      <h3><a name=v1.375>What's new in 1.375</a> (2010/09/07)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> CLI login did not work for about half of the CLI commands (those defined via @CLIMethod annotation).
          (<a href="">issue 6628</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Add escaping for comma character for Ant properties on Windows.
          (<a href="">issue 2149</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Small update to empty Ant properties on Windows fix from 1.374, now also working for two consecutive empty properties.
          (<a href="">issue 7204</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible race condition during Hudson start up.
        <li class="rfe"> Improved the memory consumption when used with LDAP.
        <li class="rfe"> Improved console annotations for Ant.
        <li class="rfe"> (Internal) ConsoleNotes can now inject its associated CSS.
      <h3><a name=v1.374>What's new in 1.374</a> (2010/08/27)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Unable to add empty Ant properties on Windows since 1.370.
          (<a href="">issue 7204</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Maven2 projects now pick up Flexmojo test results automatically.
          (<a href="">issue 6893</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Auto-completion can be now easily added to text boxes by plugins.
        <li class="rfe"> Non build modules in incremental Maven builds are now set to NOT_BUILD at the beginning of the build, already.
        <li class="rfe"> Plugins can now transform the console output.
          (<a href="">issue 7112</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Administrator can unpin plugins that are pinned.
        <li class="rfe"> Memory footprint reduction with fingerprints.
        <li class="rfe"> Added "This build is disabled" on Matrix project when it disabled.
          (<a href="">issue 7266</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.373>What's new in 1.373</a> (2010/08/23)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a config page regression in the matrix project.
          (<a href="">issue 7213</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Ant target annotation should allow colon in the target name.
          (<a href="">issue 7026</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a 1.372 regression in handling whitespace and other characters in label names.
          (<a href="">issue 7216</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Allow use of username/password parameters for CLI when using LDAP authentication.
          (<a href="">issue 6628</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Axes in multi-configuration projects are now extensible.
        <li class="rfe"> Multi-configuration projects now allow multiple label/node axes.
        <li class="rfe"> Improved the layout algorithm of the matrix project visualization.
          (<a href="">patch</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> JUnit report archiving now captures stdout of tests run in Surefire.
          (<a href="">issue 4158</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Updated bundled ssh-slaves plugin to version 0.13.
      <h3><a name=v1.372>What's new in 1.372</a> (2010/08/13)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe"> Persist matrix-based security settings in a consistent order
          (<a href="">issue 7138</a>)
        <li class='major rfe'> Jobs can now use boolean expression over labels to control where they run.
      <h3><a name=v1.371>What's new in 1.371</a> (2010/08/09)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="major bug"> A security hole in CLI command implementations enable unauthorized users
          from executing commands.
      <h3><a name=v1.370>What's new in 1.370</a> (2010/08/07)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Added escaping of special characters when passing properties to Ant on Windows.
          (<a href="">issue 7108</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Workaround issue in IBM JVM causing intermittent ClassNotFoundExceptions.
          (<a href="">issue 5141</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a memory leak in Winstone
          (<a href="">issue 5119</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Updated bundled cvs plugin to version 1.2.
        <li class="rfe"> Incorporated community contributed translations in Korean and Dutch.
      <h3><a name=v1.369>What's new in 1.369</a> (2010/07/30)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="major bug"> <code>X-Hudson</code> header not being sent in 1.368.
          (<a href="">issue 7100</a>)
        <li class="bug"> NPE on build after incremental Maven builds are aborted.
          (<a href="">issue 6429</a>)
        <li class="bug"> On-demand slaves would launch even when "only for tied jobs" is set.
          (<a href="">issue 7054</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix links to ant targets in console output view that were added in 1.367.
          (<a href="">issue 7041</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Avoid error with invalid or null primary view, such as in upgrade from older Hudson.
          (<a href="">issue 6938</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Support LogRotator deletion of old artifacts in multiconfiguration projects.
          (<a href="">issue 6925</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Build queue was not saved in safeRestart or safeExit.
          (<a href="">issue 6804</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> CLI can now work with a reverse proxy that requires BASIC auth.
          (<a href="">issue 3796</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.368>What's new in 1.368</a> (2010/07/26)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Make <tt>/buildWithParameters</tt> support remote cause and user supplied cause text
          for build via authentication token, just as <tt>/build</tt> does.
          (<a href="">issue 7004</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Auto install of JDK when master/slave are different platforms would fail.
          (<a href="">issue 6880</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Modified to work with Tomcat 7.
          (<a href="">issue 6738</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.367>What's new in 1.367</a> (2010/07/16)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Safe restart made Hudson unresponsive until all running jobs complete, since 1.361.
          (<a href="">issue 6649</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Plugins with dependencies show wrong description on installed plugins page.
          (<a href="">issue 6966</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix redirect after login when return URL has characters that need encoding.
          (<a href="">issue 6960</a>)
        <li class="bug"> &lt;input type='hidden'> field shouldn't be getting the plain text password value.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a mechanism to register CLI option handler as an extension point.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a CLI command 'set-build-result' that can be used from inside a build to set the build status.
        <li class="rfe"> Show outline structure for Ant execution in the console output view.
        <li class="rfe"> Remote API now supports the 'tree' filter query parameter which is more efficient and easier to use.
          (<a href="">issue 5940</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.366>What's new in 1.366</a> (2010/07/09)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed a possible security issue where a malicious user with the project
          configuration access can trick Hudson into leaking the proxy password,
          if Hudson is configured with a proxy with username/password.
        <li class="bug"> Delete contained module builds when a maven project build is deleted, to avoid
          orphaned builds which can then affect the displayed result of a prior build.
          (<a href="">issue 6779</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hide some sidepanel links that should not be shown in user-private views.
          (<a href="">issue 6832</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix for file parameters that are copied to a subdirectory of the workspace.
          (<a href="">issue 6889</a>)
        <li class="bug"> File parameters uploaded via the CLI are now displayed correctly on the build Parameters page.
          (<a href="">issue 6896</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Allowed file parameters to be downloaded even when the name contains URL-unfriendly characters.
          (<a href="">issue 6897</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a garbage in the raw console plain text output.
          (<a href="">issue 6034</a>)
        <li class="bug"> "Hudson is loading" page didn't take the user back to the same page.
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson can now remotely install JDK on Windows slaves when connecting via the
          "Let Hudson control this Windows slave as a Windows service" mode.
        <li class="rfe"> The "Let Hudson control this Windows slave as a Windows service" mode now allows the same Windows slave
          to be used by multiple Hudson masters.
      <h3><a name=v1.365>What's new in 1.365</a> (2010/07/05)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed a critical security problem. See <a href="">the advisory</a> for more details.
      <h3><a name=v1.364>What's new in 1.364</a> (2010/06/25)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a race condition where a queued build may get executed multiple times.
          (<a href="">issue 6819</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Some UI labels related to JUnit results were shown in the wrong locale.
          (<a href="">issue 6824</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> <tt>BuildWrapper</tt>s can now contribute build variables.
          (<a href="">issue 6497</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.363>What's new in 1.363</a> (2010/06/18)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fix queue handling to close locking gap between removing job from queue and starting build,
          to prevent unintended concurrent builds (refactor of change first made in 1.360).
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Allow multiple dependencies between same two projects, as they may trigger under
          different conditions and with different parameters.
          (<a href="">issue 5708</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Timeline on build trend page should use server timezone instead of always GMT.
          (<a href="">issue 6692</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Don't mask the cause of the checkout related exception.
        <li class="bug"> "who am I?" page should be visible to everyone.
        <li class="rfe"> Avoid pointless and harmful redirection when downloading slave.jar. 
          (<a href="">issue 5752</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Cache downloaded JDKs.
        <li class="bug"> Reinstall a JDK when a different version is selected.
          (<a href="">issue 5551</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Integrated community-contributed translations (Germany, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, French,
          Russian, Slovenian, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Portuguese.)
        <li class="rfe"> Upgraded bundled Ant to version 1.8.1.
          (<a href="">issue 6562</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.362>What's new in 1.362</a> (2010/06/11)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Restored optional container-based authentication for CLI.
          (<a href="">issue 6587</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix javascript error when a plugin uses an empty <tt>dropdownList</tt>, resulting in LOADING overlay being left up.
          (<a href="">issue 6542</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add setting so job views may show only enabled or disabled jobs.
          (<a href="">issue 6673</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> File parameters can now be downloaded from the build Parameters page.
          (<a href="">issue 6719</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added an ability to point to different update sites.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new extension point to plug in custom utility to kill processes.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a proactive error diagnostics to look for a broken reverse proxy setup.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.361>What's new in 1.361</a> (2010/06/04)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug where IE shows empty client cert dialog when connecting to HTTPS site run by Winstone.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> "java -jar hudson.war" with AJP was broken.
          (<a href="">issue 5753</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Safe restart stopped working on protected Hudson since 1.359.
          (<a href="">issue 6667</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Parameterized jobs did not use configured quiet period.
          (<a href="">issue 6660</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix form data conflict when fingerprinting is used with Promoted Builds plugin.
          (<a href="">issue 6642</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Avoid possible exception at startup when some plugins have optional dependencies.
          (<a href="">issue 6435</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Add <tt>autocomplete="off"</tt> for LDAP managerDN and managerPassword fields.
          (<a href="">issue 3586</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Set a TCP timeout when slaves connect to the master.
          (<a href="">issue 6262</a>)
        <li class="bug"> File parameter builds started with the CLI command no longer throw an NPE.
          (<a href="">issue 4296</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Workaround for bug in Glassfish Enterprise.
          (<a href="">issue 6459</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Ensure nested <tt>f:repeatable</tt> content does not inherit outer list when inner list is null.
          (<a href="">issue 6679</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add two new permalinks to job pages: "Last unstable build" and "Last unsuccessful build".
        <li class="rfe"> Allow the build number to be set so long as it's still bigger than the last build.
          (<a href="">issue 4930</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Copied jobs are now disabled until configuration is saved, so they don't start building before ready.
          (<a href="">issue 2494</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Reduced logging from jmDNS.
      <h3><a name=v1.360>What's new in 1.360</a> (2010/05/28)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> A Java6 dependency had crept in in 1.359.
          (<a href="">issue 6653</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Workaround for bug in Glassfish Enterprise.
          (<a href="">issue 6459</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added an extension point to control the assignment of tasks to nodes.
          (<a href="">issue 6598</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.359>What's new in 1.359</a> (2010/05/21)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Accept latest JRockit JVM release as a compatible JVM.
          (<a href="">issue 6556</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson now broadcasts itself in DNS multicast at "_hudson._tcp.local" to facilitate auto-discovery from other tools
        <li class="rfe"> Added the "-block" option to the "quiet-down" CLI command so that the command will block until the system really quiets down.
      <h3><a name=v1.358>What's new in 1.358</a> (2010/05/14)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Too much memory used by stdout/stderr from test results.
          (<a href="">issue 6516</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a memory leak in Winstone sessions.
          (<a href="">issue 5119</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix to handle usernames with colon character on Windows.
          (<a href="">issue 6476</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the port number handling problem in debian init script.
          (<a href="">issue 6474</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix FilePath.getParent() handling of edge cases.
          (<a href="">issue 6494</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix css conflict introduced in 1.357 that caused missing data display in analysis plugins.
          (<a href="">issue 6496</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Support "optional=true" parameter for @Extension.
        <li class="rfe"> Supported OpenSSL-style certificate/key file format with "java -jar hudson.war"
        <li class="rfe"> If --httpsPort option is given without the certificate, run with a one-time self-signed certificate.
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson shouldn't show a login error page unless the user really failed to login (think about when the user presses a back button.)
      <h3><a name=v1.357>What's new in 1.357</a> (2010/05/07)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Maven builds abort unexpectedly due to a SocketTimeoutException on machine with poor resources.
          (<a href="">issue 3273</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix incorrect handling of ".." in paths with mix of / and \ separators since 1.349.
          (<a href="">issue 5951</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Javadoc publishing should not fail build if javadoc is already current.
          (<a href="">issue 6332</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix download of files/artifacts larger than 2GB.
          (<a href="">issue 6351</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Build page may not list all of the artifacts since 1.348.
          (<a href="">issue 6371</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Add workaround for Opera 10.52/53 bug causing error in saving job configuration.
          (<a href="">issue 6424</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix createSymlink problem on *nix systems that do not use GNUCLibrary since 1.356.
          (<a href="">issue 6437</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hide add/edit description link on test result pages when user does not have
          permission to submit a description.
        <li class="rfe"> Changed permission required to set description on test result pages
          from Build Job to Update Run.
        <li class="rfe"> Add "LOADING" overlay on global and job config pages until form is ready for use.
        <li class="rfe"> Email recipient lists now support build parameters.
          (<a href="">issue 6394</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Make it easier to see the latest update jobs on the Update Center page.
          (<a href="">issue 4255</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Allow plugins to use forms with an onsubmit handler, and fix "no-json" handling.
          (<a href="">issue 5927</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Updated bundled subversion plugin to version 1.17.
      <h3><a name=v1.356>What's new in 1.356</a> (2010/05/03)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fix <tt>StringIndexOutOfBoundsException</tt> in console log from <tt>UrlAnnotator</tt>.
          (<a href="">issue 6252</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed potential deadlock between saving project config and getting project page.
          (<a href="">issue 6269</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed timeline display on build time trend page.
          (<a href="">issue 6439</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed garbled response of XML API if xpath is specified.
          (<a href=""></a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix broken links for stopping jobs in executor list on pages for slave nodes or filtered views.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>NoSuchMethodError</tt> with Maven and Ivy plugins.
          (<a href="">issue 6311</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Extension points can be now sorted.
      <h3><a name=v1.355>What's new in 1.355</a> (2010/04/16)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Colored ball image at top of build pages was broken for Hudson in some web
          containers (fixed by removing workaround for a Firefox bug fixed since 3.0.5/Dec2008).
          (<a href="">issue 2341</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Console page while build is running did not wrap lines when viewed in IE.
          (<a href="">issue 5869</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed build history to indicate test failure for MavenBuild and MavenModuleSetBuild.
        <li class="bug"> Make <tt>dropdownList</tt> work in repeatable content, such as a build step.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug where a job created via XML didn't properly receive upstream/downstream computation.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Argument masking wasn't working correctly for commands run on slaves
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added the slave retention strategy based on a schedule.
        <li class="rfe"> Added to configure charset option of Mailer.
      <h3><a name=v1.354>What's new in 1.354</a> (2010/04/12)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> POM parsing was still using the module root as the base for relative paths for alternate settings files.
          (<a href="">issue 6080</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix dynamic updates of build history table when CSRF protection is turned on.
          (<a href="">issue 6072</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Improved the error reporting mechanism in LDAP setting.
        <li class="bug"> Raw console output contains garbage.
          (<a href="">issue 6034</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a file handle leak in the slave connection.
          (<a href="">issue 6137</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Quiet period wasn't taking effect properly when doing parameterized builds.
      <h3><a name=v1.353>What's new in 1.353</a> (2010/03/29)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Tagging a repository can result in NPE.
        <li class="bug"> Fix possible form submission error when using multiple combobox elements.
          (<a href="">issue 6025</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Better escaping of test case names in test results pages.
          (<a href="">issue 5982</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Make radio buttons work in repeatable content, such as a build step.
          (<a href="">issue 5028</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the handling of verifying that the POM path entered for Maven projects exists.
          (<a href="">issue 4693</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added link to builds in buildTimeTrend
          (<a href="">issue 3993</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.352>What's new in 1.352</a> (2010/03/19)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a file handle leak when a copy fails.
          (<a href="">issue 5899</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Replace '&gt;' with '_' in username, as already done for '&lt;'.
          (<a href="">issue 5833</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix <tt>editableComboBox</tt> to select item when mouse click takes more than 100ms.
          (<a href="">issue 2722</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed NPE when configuring a view without "Regular expression".
        <li class="bug"> Page shouldn't scroll up when the user opens/closes a stack trace in the test failure report.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug where Hudson can put a wrong help file link.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed Maven site goal archiving from slaves.
          (<a href="">issue 5943</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a regression with NetBeans Hudson plugin progressive console output.
          (<a href="">issue 5941</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a situation where a failure in plugin start up can prevent massive number of job loss.
        <li class="rfe"> Supported JBoss EAP 5.0.0 GA.
          (<a href="">issue 5922</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> CLI commands on protected Hudson now asks a password interactively, if run on Java6.
        <li class="rfe"> Added CLI 'login' and 'logout' commands so that you don't have to specify a credential
          for individual CLI invocation.
        <li class="rfe"> URLs in the console output are now hyperlinks.
        <li class="rfe"> Improved the URL annotation logic.
        <li class="rfe"> Add drag&amp;drop support for <tt>f:repeatable</tt> lists and use this for
          the JDK/Ant/Maven installations in global config so these can be reordered.
        <li class="rfe"> Integrated a new round of community-contributed localizations (ca, es, fi, fr, hi_IN, it, nl, ru, and sv_SE locales.)
      <h3><a name=v1.351>What's new in 1.351</a> (2010/03/15)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Regression in 1.350 that can delete old build artifacts.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.350>What's new in 1.350</a> (2010/03/12)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fix handling of relative paths in alternate settings.xml path for Maven projects.
          (<a href="">issue 4693</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Alternate settings, private repository, profiles, etc were not used in embedded Maven for
          deploy publisher.
          (<a href="">issue 4939</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Make <tt>editableComboBox</tt> work in repeatable content, such as a build step.
        <li class="bug"> If content is captured using <tt>&lt;j:set var=".."&gt;..content..&lt;/j:set&gt;</tt>,
          fixed this to use proper HTML rendering when appropriate.
        <li class="bug"> '&lt;' and '&amp;' in the console output was not escaped since 1.349
          (<a href="">issue 5852</a>)
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed an <tt>AbstractMethodError</tt> in SCM polling under some circumstances.
          (<a href="">issue 5756</a>)
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed a <tt>ClassCastException</tt> in the Subversion plugin - now using Subversion plugin 1.13.
          (<a href="">issue 5827</a>)
        <li class="bug"> The Maven Integration plugin link in the Update Center was going to a dead location.
          (<a href="">issue 4811</a>)
        <li class="bug"> On RPM/DEB/etc installation, don't offer the self upgrade. It should be done by the native package manager.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible lock up of slaves.
        <li class="rfe"> Added advanced option to LogRotator to allow for removing artifacts from old builds
          without removing the logs, history, etc.
          (<a href="">issue 834</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Authentication support in Hudson CLI.
          (<a href="">issue 3796</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added console annotation support to SCM polling logs.
      <h3><a name=v1.349>What's new in 1.349</a> (2010/03/05)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fix deserialization problem with fields containing double underscore.
          (<a href="">issue 5768</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix deserialization problem for Exception objects where the XML has bad/old data.
          (<a href="">issue 5769</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix serialization problem with empty CopyOnWriteMap.Tree.
          (<a href="">issue 5776</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug that can cause 404 in the form validation check.
        <li class="rfe"> Remote build result submission shouldn't hang forever even if Hudson goes down.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a monitor for old or unreadable data in XML files and a manage screen to assist
          in updating files to the current data format and/or removing unreadable data from plugins
          that are no longer active.  "Manage Hudson" page will show a link if any old/unreadable
          data was detected.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a mechanism to bundle <tt>init.groovy</tt> inside the war for OEM.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added an extension point to annotate console output.
          (<a href="">issue 2137</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.348>What's new in 1.348</a> (2010/02/26)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe"> Fixed a performance problem of the job/build top page when there are too many artifacts.
        <li class="rfe"> Improved /etc/shadow permission checks.
      <h3><a name=v1.347>What's new in 1.347</a> (2010/02/19)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fix javascript problem showing test failure detail for test name with a quote character.
          (<a href="">issue 1544</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson can incorrectly configure labels for the master when bleeding edge EC2 plugin is used.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the regression wrt the whitespace trimming caused by 1.346.
          (<a href="">issue 5633</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Under some circumstances, Hudson can incorrectly delete the temporary directory itself.
          (<a href="">issue 5642</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Newlines in MAVEN_OPTS environment variable can cause problems in other contexts.
          (<a href="">issue 5651</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Improved the form validation mechanism to support multiple controls.
          (<a href="">issue 5610</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added message to slave log when it has successfully come online.
          (<a href="">issue 5630</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.346>What's new in 1.346</a> (2010/02/12)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Maven modules should not be buildable when the parent project is disabled.
          (<a href="">issue 1375</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the broken quiet period implementation when polling interval is shorter than
          the quiet period.  (Changes in SCM impls are needed for this to take effect.) 
          (<a href="">issue 2180</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Escape username in URLs in case it contains special characters such as "#".
          (<a href="">issue 2610</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix sidepanel link for People to be visible and show view-specific info when appropriate.
          (<a href="">issue 5443</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Improved HTML rendering, not using closing tags that do not exist in HTML.
          (<a href="">issue 5458</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Show better error message for missing view type selection when creating a view.
          (<a href="">issue 5469</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson wasn't properly streaming a large external build submission,
          which can result in OOME and unresponsiveness.
        <li class="rfe"> Use fixed-width font in text area for shell/batch build steps.
          (<a href="">issue 5471</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Use user selected icon size on People page.
          (<a href="">issue 5447</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Speed/footprint improvement in the HTML rendering.
      <h3><a name=v1.345>What's new in 1.345</a> (2010/02/08)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Update center retrieval, "build now" link, and real-time console update was broken in 1.344.
          (<a href="">issue 5536</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the backward incompatibility introduced in HUDSON-5391 fix in 1.344.
          (<a href="">issue 5391</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.344>What's new in 1.344</a> (2010/02/05)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Removed the forced upper casing in parameterized builds.
          (<a href="">issue 5391</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Password parameter on the disk should be encrypted.
          (<a href="">issue 5420</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Duplicate entries on Upstream/Downstream project with "Build modules in parallel".
          (<a href="">issue 5293</a>)
        <li class="bug"> "Projects tied on" should be "Projects tied to".
          (<a href="">issue 5451</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the bug that prevents update center metadata retrieval in Jetty.
          (<a href="">issue 5210</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Show which plugins have already been upgraded in Plugin Manager.
          (<a href="">issue 2313</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Show Hudson upgrade status on manage page instead of offering same upgrade again.
          (<a href="">issue 3055</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Make badges in build history line up.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.343>What's new in 1.343</a> (2010/01/29)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Don't report a computer as idle if it running the parent job for a matrix project.
          (<a href="">issue 5049</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Improve error message for a name conflict when renaming a job.
          (<a href="">issue 1916</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Job description set via the remote API was not saved.
          (<a href="">issue 5351</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Work around a JVM bug on Windows that causes the "Access denied" error
          while creating a temp file.
          (<a href="">issue 5313</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a NPE in the update center with the container authentication mode.
          (<a href="">issue 5382</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Global MAVEN_OPTS for Maven projects wasn't getting loaded properly for configuration.
          (<a href="">issue 5405</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix for parameterized project with choice parameter value that has &lt; or &gt; character.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Build queue was showing some of the items in the wrong order &mdash; it should show new ones first and
          old ones later.
        <li class="rfe"> Move form to adjust logging levels to its own page and include table of configured levels.
          (<a href="">issue 2210</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Allow the administrator to control the host names via a system property "" per slave,
          in case auto-detection fails.
          (<a href="">issue 5373</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Introduced a new extension point for test result parsers.
          (<a href="">discussion</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Data loading is made more robust in the face of linkage failures.
          (<a href="">issue 5383</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Auto-detect if Hudson is run in Solaris <a href="">SMF</a> and provide restart capability.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Formalized an extension point to control priority among builds in the queue.
          (<a href="">issue 833</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.342>What's new in 1.342</a> (2010/01/22)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Commands run on slaves (such as SCM operations) were not printed to the log
          the way they would be when run on master.
          (<a href="">issue 5296</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Downstream jobs could fail to trigger when using per-project read permissions.
          (<a href="">issue 5265</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Update lastStable/lastSuccessful symlinks on filesystem later in build process to avoid
          incorrectly updating links when build fails in post-build actions, and links briefly
          pointing to a build that is not yet complete.
          (<a href="">issue 2543</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Debian package no longer changes the permissions and owner of the jobs and .ssh directory.
          This is to improve upgrade speed and so that ssh works properly after upgrading.
          (<a href="">issue 4047</a> and <a href="">issue 5112</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Automatic tool installation wasn't honoring proxy setting.
          (<a href="">issue 5271</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug that induces a NPE during list view column construction.
          (<a href="">issue 5061</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug that can cause Hudson to fail to encode non-ASCII characters in URL.
          (<a href="">issue 5155</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Added "process-test-classes" phase to Maven intercepter.
          (<a href="">issue 2226</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a regression in the remote API in 1.341.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Improved error diagnostics when failing to auto install Maven/Ant.
          (<a href="">issue 5272</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Infer the default e-mail address more smartly with user IDs like "DOMAIN\user" (often seen in Windows)
          (<a href="">issue 5164</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> The hudson.model.Run.ArtifactList.treeCutoff property should not limit the number 
          of artifacts shown by the API.
          (<a href="">issue 5247</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Spanish translation made a great progress.
      <h3><a name=v1.341>What's new in 1.341</a> (2010/01/15)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Completed fix started in 1.325 for updating bundled plugins, now working when security is enabled.
          (<a href="">issue 3662</a>)
        <li class="bug"> TemporarySpaceMonitor and DiskSpaceMonitor fail to instantiate on fresh systems.
          (<a href="">issue 5162</a>)
        <li class="bug"> /tmp space monitoring didn't work if /tmp is filled up completely.
        <li class="rfe"> Plugins can now control how builds are triggered when they declare downstream jobs.
          (<a href="">issue 5236</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson now detects a cyclic dependencies among plugins and report the error gracefully.
        <li class="rfe"> Extension points can now contribute multiple actions.
        <li class="rfe"> Responses to remote API calls now honor the "Accept-Encoding" header.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Link to project changes summary instead of this build's changes for "still unstable" email.
          (<a href="">issue 3283</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> SCM retry count and "Block build when upstream project is building" is now available on matrix projects.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.340>What's new in 1.340</a> (2010/01/11)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Non ASCII chars get mangled when a new user is created.
          (<a href="">issue 2026</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed garbled mail text when default encoding is not UTF-8.
          (<a href="">issue 1811</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in the log rotation setting of RPM packages.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new CLI command to obtain list of changes by specifying builds.
        <li class="rfe"> Improved memory/swap monitoring on Solaris systems that doesn't have the 'top' command.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> User IDs in Hudson are now case preserving but case insensitive.
          (<a href="">issue 4354</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> CVS support is separated into a plugin, although it's still bundled by default for compatibility.
          (<a href="">issue 3101</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.339>What's new in 1.339</a> (2009/12/24)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> <tt>slave.jar</tt> incorrectly shipped with a version number indicating a private build.
          (<a href="">issue 5138</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Global MAVEN_OPTS weren't saving due to TopLevelItemDescriptors not being configured in global configuration.
          (<a href="">issue 5142</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Make maven project more resilient to exceptions from plugins.
          (<a href="">issue 3279</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add the ability to configure low-disk space thresholds.
          (<a href="">issue 2552</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Allow BuildWrapper tearDown code to detect when the build has failed.
          (<a href="">issue 2485</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add help regarding "Auto" repository browser selection and add support
          for this in Subversion plugin.
          (<a href="">issue 2082</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Introduced a mechanism so that writing XSS-free code is easier.
          (<a href="">discussion</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.338>What's new in 1.338</a> (2009/12/18)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="rfe"> Maven projects will now use per-project MAVEN_OPTS if defined first, then global MAVEN_OPTS if defined, and finally
          as fallback, MAVEN_OPTS environment variable on executor.
          (<a href="">issue 2932</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Expose upstream cause details via remote API.
          (<a href="">issue 5074</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.337>What's new in 1.337</a> (2009/12/11)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Matrix parent build shouldn't consume an executor.
          (<a href="">issue 936</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Exceptions in one publisher shouldn't block all other publishers from running.
          (<a href="">issue 5023</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>OutOfMemoryError</tt> in JNLP slaves that are running for too long.
          (<a href="">issue 3406</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Auto installer for Maven couldn't be configured after the fact.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug that the form field validation couldn't handle &lt;select> box.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible "XYZ is missing its descriptor" storm.
          (<a href="">issue 5067</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Group available plugins in Plugin Manager by category.
          (<a href="">issue 1836</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add sorting and link to directory browser for artifact list and tree display.
          (<a href="">issue 4976</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Make links in build history for a view stay under that view.
          (<a href="">issue 5021</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Automatically install dependent plugins.
          (<a href="">issue 4983</a>)
        <li class='major rfe'> Implemented a proper serialization of multi-classloader object graph.
          (<a href="">issue 5048</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.336>What's new in 1.336</a> (2009/11/28)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Update or remove lastSuccessful/lastStable symlinks on filesystem as appropriate
          when a build is deleted.
          (<a href="">issue 1986</a>)
        <li class="bug"> In-demand strategy could not relaunch slave nodes since 1.302.
          (<a href="">issue 3890</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Actual cause for slave going offline was always masked by channel-terminated cause.
        <li class="bug"> Improved display of why a slave is offline (don't incorrectly say "failed to launch").
        <li class="bug"> Improved the error diagnostics on the failure to establish connection with JNLP slaves early on.
        <li class="bug"> Fix so configure-slave permission actually allows configuration of slaves.
        <li class="bug"> User pages showed add/edit description link to users without permission to edit,
          and guests were allowed to edit the user profile for anonymous user.
        <li class="bug"> Debian package now demands full JRE, not just a headless JRE.
          (<a href="">issue 4879</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Avoid exception if a plugin provides null for a dynamic node label.
          (<a href="">issue 4924</a>)
        <li class="bug"> If restart is not supported, explain why.
          (<a href="">issue 4876</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Matrix configuration builds should continue even when Hudson is about to shut down.
          (<a href="">issue 4873</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Send build status email to valid addresses rather than aborting for one invalid address.
          (<a href="">issue 4927</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Smart JDK/Maven/Ant auto installers aren't available for existing tool configurations.
        <li class="bug"> Hudson can now run gracefully (albeit bit slowly) where JNA is not available.
          (<a href="">issue 4820</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Add ability to delete users from Hudson.
          (<a href="">issue 1867</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Gracefully detect the double loading of JNA instead of failing later with <tt>NoClassDefFoundError</tt> (<a href="">detail</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Introduced a structure around the initialization process for better reporting and etc.
        <li class="rfe"> Debian packages creates Hudson user with <tt>/bin/bash</tt> to accomodate some tools that want a valid shell.
          (<a href="">issue 4830</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.335>What's new in 1.335</a> (2009/11/20)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Space in axis value for matrix type project was lost on reconfiguration.
          (<a href="">issue 2360</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Remember me did not work with unix authentication.
          (<a href="">issue 3057</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Node variables not passed through to Maven jobs.
          (<a href="">issue 4030</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix handling of non-ASCII characters in external job submission.
          (<a href="">issue 4877</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Job assigned to label that no longer has any nodes generates exception since 1.330.
          (<a href="">issue 4878</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Custom workspace on Windows with just a drive letter or using forward slashes in path
          failed to build in 1.334.
          (<a href="">issue 4894</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Core version number in plugin manager warning message was missing in 1.334.
        <li class="bug"> Matrix build wasn't showing their full name in the executor list on the left.
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson's UDP broadcast/discovery now supports IP multicast.
      <h3><a name=v1.334>What's new in 1.334</a> (2009/11/16)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed a possible exception in submitting forms and obtaining update center metadata with Winstone in 1.333.
          (<a href="">issue 4804</a>)
        <li class='major bug'> Remoting layer was unable to kill remote processes. Prevented Mercurial plugin from implementing poll timeout on slaves.
          (<a href="">issue 4611</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Display of console output as plain text did not work in browsers since 1.323.
          (<a href="">issue 4557</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Show "Latest Test Results" link even when a new build is running.
          (<a href="">issue 4580</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix broken links for failed tests on build page for a matrix type project.
          (<a href="">issue 4765</a>)
        <li class="bug"> "Enable project-based security" always comes up unchecked on configure pages in 1.333,
          so project permissions are lost if not rechecked before clicking Save.
          (<a href="">issue 4826</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Project read permission was not enforced via /jobCaseInsensitive/jobname path.
        <li class="bug"> Project configuration could be modified via POST to /job/jobname/config.xml with only
          "Extended Read" permission but not configure permission.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the over zealous escaping in the inlined unit test failure report.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>OutOfMemoryError</tt> in Winp
          (<a href="">issue 4058</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Write log message and ignore unrecognized permissions when loading XML.
          (<a href="">issue 4573</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix in stapler so we don't redirect to "." which causes problem in some containers.
          (<a href="">issue 4787</a>)
        <li class="bug"> List counts for duplicate cause entries for a build rather than listing many times.
          (<a href="">issue 4831</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Plugin manager now shows warning for upgrade/install of plugins into a Hudson that
          is older than the plugin was built for.
          (<a href="">issue 541</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> CLI "build" command now supports passing parameters.
        <li class="rfe"> Job should provide doDescription to allow easy manipulation over http
          (<a href="">issue 4802</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Improvement in the caching of the view templates.
        <li class="rfe"> Added new SaveableListener to be called when objects implementing Saveable are saved.
      <h3><a name=v1.333>What's new in 1.333</a> (2009/11/09)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a performance problem in the file upload with Winstone.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Allow non-absolute URLs in sidebar links that do not end with slash character.
          (<a href="">issue 4720</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Build other projects "even when unstable" option was not working with Maven projects.
          (<a href="">issue 4739</a>)
        <li class="bug"> When renaming a log recorder, check new name uses valid characters, remove config file for
          old name and redirect to new name after save.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException</tt> in my view.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a race condition in interrupting pending remote calls.
        <li class="bug"> Retry shouldn't kick in if the build is aborted during checkout.
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson now sends "Accept-Ranges" header where it's supported.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson is internally capable of supporting multiple update sites.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new "safe-restart" CLI command, also accessible at "/safeRestart", and used for post-upgrade/plugin install restart.
          (<a href="">issue 4553</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added "delete-builds" CLI command for bulk build record deletion.
        <li class="rfe"> Supported a relative path in the custom workspace directory, which resolves from FS root of the slave.
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed another <tt>NotExportableException</tt> when making a remote API call on a project.
          Broke NetBeans integration and possibly others.
          (<a href="">issue 4760</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.332>What's new in 1.332</a> (2009/11/02)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a regression in 1.331 where previously disabled plugins and their artifacts in <tt>build.xml</tt> can cause build records to fail to load.
          (<a href="">issue 4752</a>)
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed <tt>NotExportableException</tt> when making a remote API call on a project.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>IllegalArgumentException: name</tt> (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.331>What's new in 1.331</a> (2009/10/30)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a memory leak problem with the groovysh Hudson CLI command.
          (<a href="">issue 4618</a>)
        <li class="bug"> CVS changelog reports were incorrect if built from tags.
          (<a href="">issue 1816</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Upstream projects list was lost when saving matrix type project.
          (<a href="">issue 3607</a>)
        <li class="bug"> <tt>slave.jar</tt> now supports HTTP BASIC auth.
          (<a href="">issue 4071</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a problem where taglibs defined in plugins cannot be seen from other plugins.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Improved the UI of taking a node offline.
        <li class="bug"> Added improved logging for exceptions encountered when attempting to invoke Maven in Maven projects.
          (<a href="">issue 3273</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Automated tool downloads are made more robust by using HTTP download retries.
        <li class="rfe"> SCM information is now exposed via the remote API.
        <li class="rfe"> Added the "install-plugin" command to install plugins from CLI.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.330>What's new in 1.330</a> (2009/10/23)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>NoSuchMethodError</tt> error during error recovery with Maven 2.1.
          (<a href="">issue 2373</a>)
        <li class="bug"> RemoteClassLoader does not persist retrieved classes with package structure
          (<a href="">issue 4657</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Update center switched over from <tt></tt> to <tt></tt>
        <li class="rfe"> Use tree view to show 17-40 build artifacts on build/project pages.
          (<a href="">issue 2280</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> When showing why a build is pending, Hudson now puts hyperlinks to node/label/project names.
        <li class="rfe"> Custom workspace is now subject to the variable expansion.
          (<a href="">issue 3997</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.329>What's new in 1.329</a> (2009/10/16)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed UI selector (hetero-list) to handle nested selectors (resolves conflict between
          Promoted Builds and Parameterized Trigger plugins).
          (<a href="">issue 4414</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed incremental Maven build behavior to properly handle new modules without hitting NPE.
          (<a href="">issue 4624</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Added the "build" CLI command that can not only schedule a new build, but also wait until its completion.
        <li class="bug"> Made visibility rules of test result remote API consistent with those for individual test cases.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in the HTTP Range header handling.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in <tt>.cvspass</tt> form field persistence.
          (<a href="">issue 4456</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.328>What's new in 1.328</a> (2009/10/09)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Overview of all SCM polling activity was never showing any entries.
          (<a href="">issue 4609</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bogus IOException in the termination of CLI.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in the form submission logic of the SMTP authentation configuration.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson shouldn't store SMTP auth password in a clear text.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Improved the form validation in global e-mail configurations.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.327>What's new in 1.327</a> (2009/10/02)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Worked around a possible Windows slave hang on start up.
          (<a href="">details</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Inability to access <tt></tt> shouldn't prevent Hudson from working.
          (<a href="">issue 4590</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added a CLI command <tt>install-tool</tt> to invoke a tool auto-installation from Hudson CLI.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added column on plugin updates page showing currently installed version.
        <li class="rfe"> Build page now shows where the build was done.
        <li class="rfe"> Job-enabling API should reject GET requests
          (<a href="">issue 3721</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added an extension point for inserting actions across all projects without configuration.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> stdout, stderr, error details and the stack trace can be filtered out of the remote API
          representation of a test case with the depth parameter.
          (<a href="">discussion</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.326>What's new in 1.326</a> (2009/09/28)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> Hudson fails to update a plugin due to a bug in the up-to-date check logic.
          (<a href="">issue 4353</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.325>What's new in 1.325</a> (2009/09/25)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Self restart was not working on Solaris 64bit JVM.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible <tt>NoSuchElementException</tt> in Hudson start up.
        <li class="bug"> "Redeploy Maven artifacts" GUI causes NPE.
        <li class="bug"> Permission check was missing for file mask validators.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a problem regarding SCM plugin evolution and SCM browser settings, as observed in the Mercurial plugin.
          (<a href="">issue 4514</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Update center wasn't capable of updating bundled plugins, such as subversion.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a problem in the up-to-date check of the plugin extraction.
          (<a href="">issue 4353</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in the Debian package init script.
          (<a href="">issue 4304</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed an NPE in <tt>MavenBuild$RunnerImpl.decideWorkspace</tt> (<a href="">issue 4226</a>)
        <li class="bug"> "Test e-mail" feature in the system configuration page wasn't taking most of the parameters from the current values of the form.
          (<a href="">issue 3983</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> If a Maven project is built with "-N" or "--non-recursive" in the goals, it will not attempt to
          load and parse the POMs for any modules defined in the root POM.
          (<a href="">issue 4491</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Update center will create <tt>*.bak</tt> files to make it easier for manual roll back of botched upgrades.
        <li class="rfe"> Vastly improved the default MIME type table of the built-in servlet container.
        <li class="rfe"> Javadoc location is now subject to the variable expansions.
          (<a href="">issue 3942</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> JNLP clients now report the reason when the connection is rejected by the master.
          (<a href="">issue 3889</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.324>What's new in 1.324</a> (2009/09/18)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Added call to MailSender in RunnerImpl.cleanUp so that mail gets sent for top-level Maven project as well as individual modules. This means mail will be sent if there are POM parsing errors, etc.
          (<a href="">issue 1066</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Default value for password parameter in a parameterized project was not saved.
          (<a href="">issue 4333</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Run sequentially option for Matrix project was not visible unless Axes was checked.
          (<a href="">issue 4366</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix launching Windows slave for slave name with space or other characters needed encoding.
          (<a href="">issue 4392</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Support authentication when running java -jar hudson-core-*.jar using username/password
          included in HUDSON_HOME URL; also removed dependency on winstone.jar.
          (<a href="">issue 4400</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed links on age values in JUnit test reports.
          (<a href="">issue 4402</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Maven project POM parser now ignores empty modules or modules only containing whitespace,
          matching Maven's behavior.
          (<a href="">issue 4442</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed setting of "blockBuildWhenUpstreamBuilding" for AbstractProject - wasn't being set at all, or displayed.
          (<a href="">issue 4423</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Handling of URLs with encoded character at end of a path component did not work in 1.323.
          (<a href="">issue 4454</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed some field validators to work for values including + character.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed the charset encoding handling when different encodings are involved between the master and slaves.
          (<a href="">patch</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in the workspace archive support.
          (<a href="">issue 4039</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added client-side validator for required fields and used this to replace some AJAX calls.
        <li class="rfe"> JNLP clients perform periodic ping to detect terminated connections and recover automatically.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.323>What's new in 1.323</a> (2009/09/04)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Creation of symlinks failed (or created in wrong location) since 1.320.
          (<a href="">issue 4301</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a NoClassDefFoundError problem that happens in remoting+maven+3rd plugin combo. <a href="">report</a>
        <li class="bug"> Raw console output was doing XML escaping for '&amp;' and '&lt;' but it shouldn't.
        <li class="bug"> Manually wiping out a workspace from GUI can cause NPE with some SCM plugins.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>ClassCastException</tt> in JavaMail with some application servers.
          (<a href="">issue 1261</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in the tabular display of matrix projects.
          (<a href="">issue 4245</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Avoid division by zero error in swap space monitor.
          (<a href="">issue 4284</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Avoid duplicate My Views links after Reload configuration from disk.
          (<a href="">issue 4272</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Removed need for hack that lowered build health scores by one, so now 4/5 is reported as 80 instead of 79.
          (<a href="">issue 4286</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed renaming a job to a name that includes a + character.
        <li class="bug"> Matrix project did not properly handle axis values with some special characters such as slash.
          (<a href="">issue 2670</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added validation for axis names in Matrix project.
        <li class="rfe"> Ajax validator for name of a new job now warns about invalid characters.
        <li class="rfe"> Maven builder in freestyle projects now supports "Use private repository" option.
          (<a href="">issue 4205</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Maven incremental builds now rebuild failed/unstable modules from previous builds, even if they are unchanged.
          (<a href="">issue 4152</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Labels are listed in lexicographic order.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Labels for nodes are shown in a tag cloud style.
          (<a href="">patch</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Exposing load statistics to the remote API.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Make dynamic labelling of nodes clearer and easier to work with.
        <li class="rfe"> Plugins can mark themselves as incompatible with earlier versions to notify users during upgrade.
          (<a href="">issue 4056</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Footer now includes a timestamp.
        <li class="rfe"> Advanced option now available for all project types to keep builds in queue while upstream projects are building. Off by default.
          (<a href="">issue 1938</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Fixed a bug in Winstone that hides the root cause of exceptions.
      <h3><a name=v1.322>What's new in 1.322</a> (2009/08/28)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="major bug"> NPE in Subversion polling problem.
          (<a href="">issue 4299</a>)
        <li class="major bug"> Changing credential in Subversion can still result in "svn authentication cancelled"
          (<a href="">issue 3936</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Debian init script now uses "su" to properly initialize the environment.
          (<a href="">issue 4304</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.321>What's new in 1.321</a> (2009/08/21)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> "Tag this build" was failing.
          (<a href="">issue 4018</a>)
        <li class='major bug'> Build history AJAX update was buggy.
        <li class="bug"> Failed Junit tests will display error message and stacktrace even when no
          additional TestDataPublishers are attached to the project.
          (<a href="">issue 4257</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Maven test failures will again properly mark a build as unstable,
          even if later task segments are successful.
          (<a href="">issue 4177</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Matrix permissions with LDAP now properly validates group names using configured
          prefix and case settings; added help text about these settings.
          (<a href="">issue 3459</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Improved the debian package to set <tt>USER</tt> and <tt>HOME</tt>.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Failed to look up an e-mail address for LDAP users shouldn't cause a build to fail.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible NPE in <tt>Hudson.removeNode</tt> (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Debian start-up script should inherit <tt>LANG</tt> and other key environment variables.
        <li class="bug"> Dynamic label computation wasn't re-done properly for the master node.
          (<a href="">issue 4235</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Form validation for the remote FS root of slaves was not functioning.
        <li class="bug"> Privilege escalation on Solaris without username was not working.
        <li class="bug"> Hudson can make mistakes in binding plugins to their right /plugin/NAME/ URLs.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson wasn't working on WebLogic on Windows.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fix New Job and Edit View links when default view is not "All" jobs.
          (<a href="">issue 4212</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Revert logger settings when a log recorder is deleted.
          (<a href="">issue 4201</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Add xml header on RSS/atom feeds and fix RSS URLs in header for non-default views.
          (<a href="">issue 4080</a>, <a href="">issue 4081</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Plugin installation / Hudson upgrade are made more robust in the face of possible connection abortion.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Global and per-node environment vars are made available to SCM checkout.
          (<a href="">issue 4124</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> You can designate certain combinations in a matrix project as "touchstone builds". These will
          be run first, and the rest of the combinations will run if the touchstone builds are successful.
          (<a href="">issue 1613</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added <tt>BUILD_URL</tt> and <tt>JOB_URL</tt> to the exposed environment variables.
          (<a href="">request</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added <tt>restart</tt> CLI command.
      <h3><a name=v1.320>What's new in 1.320</a> (2009/08/14)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed an encoding problem in CVS changelog calculation.
          (<a href="">issue 3979</a>)
        <li class='bug'> Environment variables are considered in test paths.
          (<a href="">issue 3451</a>)
        <li class='bug'> A failing test is recorded when JUnit XML is invalid
          (<a href="">issue 3149</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed possible <tt>Unable to call getCredential. Invalid object ID</tt> race problem.
          (<a href="">issue 4176</a>)
        <li class='bug'> If the timing coincides between polling and build, Hudson ended up creating multiple workspaces for the same job,
          even when concurrent build is off.
          (<a href="">issue 4202</a>)
        <li class='bug'> Fixed a "Releasing unallocated workspace" assertion error.
          (<a href="">issue 4206</a>)
        <li class='bug'> Fixed NPE in various Maven reporters caused by Hudson core problem.
          (<a href="">issue 4192</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Show warning if zero value entered for #builds/#days to save for discarding old builds
          (<a href="">issue 4110</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added <tt>create-job</tt> CLI command.
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson now tracks why a slave is put offline.
          (<a href="">issue 2431</a>)
        <li class='rfe'> User-settable descriptions for tests.
        <li class='rfe'> A history page with test count and duration charts.
          (<a href="">issue 2228</a>)
        <li class='rfe'> A collapsible panel with test error details on the overview pages.
        <li class='rfe'> Skipped tests counts are included in tables.
          (<a href="">issue 1820</a>)
        <li class='rfe'> New tests are shown in bold.
          (<a href="">issue 2046</a>)
        <li class='major rfe'> JUnit report improvements: A new extension point for contributing to test reports.
      <h3><a name=v1.319>What's new in 1.319</a> (2009/08/08)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Improved the start up error handling with <tt>slave.jar -jnlpUrl</tt> option.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Made hetero-list's include of descriptor config pages optional, so
          that descriptors without config.jelly files don't break page rendering.
          (<a href="">See
          here for background.</a>
        <li class="bug"> Moved Maven help files to maven-plugin.
          (<a href="">issue 3527</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson shouldn't immediately launch a slave newly created via copy. <a href="">report</a>
        <li class="rfe"> Added support for optional alternate Maven settings file for use
          in embedded Maven for POM parsing as well as actual Maven
          (<a href="">issue 2575</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added a test button to the PAM configuration to make sure Hudson has read access to
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Users can define their own views
        <li class="rfe"> Added a /me url that points to the current user
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new password parameter type to the parameterized builds.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Matrix projects can now run sequentially
          (<a href="">issue 3028</a>)
        <li class='major rfe'> Hudson now allows builds of a single project to execute concurrently.
      <h3><a name=v1.318>What's new in 1.318</a> (2009/07/31)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Removed a problematic MIME type entry that prevents Hudson from deploying on JOnAS.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson can't restart itself on Mac, so don't pretend that it can.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed Maven plugin to properly use private repository (when
          specified) when parsing POMs.
          (<a href="">issue 4102</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Edit Description worked incorrectly when default view is changed from All jobs.
          (<a href="">issue 4070</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in JDK auto-installation to Windows with directories with whitespaces.
          (<a href="">issue 4118</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added support for incremental Maven project builds,
          using <a href="">Maven's
          make-like reactor mode</a>.
        <li class="rfe"> Script console can now see classes from all the plugins, not just core.
          (<a href="">issue 4086</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> <tt>slave.jar</tt> now has the <tt>-auth</tt> option to specify the credential for accessing Hudson
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Debian package now depends on <tt>java2-runtime-headless</tt> instead of <tt>java2-runtime</tt>
        <li class="rfe"> Actions can now contribute environment variables.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Modified the reconnection logic for slaves connecting via JNLP so that it works better with protected Hudson.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.317>What's new in 1.317</a> (2009/07/24)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in inferring root DN in non-anonymous LDAP environment.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a MissingResourceException for "Ajp13Listener.ShortPacket"
          (<a href="">issue 4053</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed 500 error when requesting the zip URL.
          (<a href="">issue 4039</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Debian package now has 750 permission on /var/run/hudson and /var/lib/hudson to make ssh work
          (<a href="">issue 4047</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed <tt>LinkageError</tt> in PAM authentication on Solaris.
          (<a href="">issue 3546</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a JDK path separator issue between Windows master and Unix slaves.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a memory leak in the remoting layer.
          (<a href="">issue 4045</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed Maven dependency build order logic.
          (<a href="">issue 2736</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Renaming views and jobs, and deleting jobs should use POST instead of GET.
          (<a href="">discussion</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Improved the error diagnosis of "Processing failed due to a bug in the code"
        <li class="rfe"> Slaves expose more information via the remote API now.
        <li class="rfe"> Exported BUILD_ID to the remote API.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Don't let the slave TCP/IP connection port failure to prevent Hudson start up.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> If the user sets up "Hudson's own" security realm, UI now asks the first admin user to be created.
        <li class="rfe"> Windows service now does log rotation and handles whitespace in path correctly.
          (This is only applicable to newly installed services.)
          (<a href="***-is-not-a-valid-Win32-application.-td24586795.html">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.316>What's new in 1.316</a> (2009/07/17)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Matrix configuration should show a test trend.
          (<a href="">issue 840</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible NPE in installing Windows service.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible NPE in <tt>CrumbFilter.getCrumbIssuer</tt>.
          (<a href="">issue 3986</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Login may result in 403 if the user realm is delegated to container.
          (<a href="">issue 1235</a>)
        <li class="bug"> The <tt>--logfile</tt> option stopped working on Windows.
          (<a href="">issue 3272</a>)
        <li class="bug"> On-demand retention policy almost immediately turns off slaves.
          (<a href="">issue 3972</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed "incomplete LifecycleExecutor" warning with Maven 2.2
          (<a href="">issue 2373</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in Winstone that may result in "unable to create new native thread" error
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible NPEs with the slavestatus plugin.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible StringIndexOutOfBoundsException with Windows process execution.
          (<a href="">issue 4034</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed an NPE when environment variables are enabled but no variables are set.
          (<a href="">issue 4032</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added <tt>ibm-web-bnd.xmi</tt> to simplify the automated deployment with WebSphere.
          (<a href="">issue 3270</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> When deleting the workspace of a matrix project, do so for all configurations.
          (<a href="">issue 3087</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Enclose URLs in angle brackets when sending mail.
          (<a href="">issue 3647</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Plugins can now hide classes in the core so that they can ship their own versions.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> The default view is now configurable.
        <li class="rfe"> Tentatively added additional extension points to control queue behaviors.
          (<a href="">patch</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added support for proxy authentication on non-NTLM systems
          (<a href="">issue 1920</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added MIME type mapping for several well-known file extensions so that it works everywhere.
          (<a href="">issue 3803</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.315>What's new in 1.315</a> (2009/07/10)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Hudson failed to notice a build result status change if aborted builds
          were in the middle.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> TCP/IP hostname calculation of slaves may fail due in high latency network.
          (<a href="">issue 3981</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Expose MAVEN_OPTS as env. var, in addition to set it to Maven JVM.
          (<a href="">issue 3644</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed winp.dll load problem on WebSphere
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Subversion checkouts created files for symlinks
          (<a href="">issue 3949</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson CLI now tries to connect to Hudson via plain TCP/IP, then fall back to tunneling over HTTP.
        <li class="rfe"> Added ability to exclude by author and revision property with Subversion polling trigger.
        <li class="rfe"> CLI slave agents show details of how it failed to connect.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.314>What's new in 1.314</a> (2009/07/02)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a possible "Cannot create a file when that file already exists" error in managed Windows slave launcher. <a href="">report</a>
        <li class="bug"> Made Hudson more robust in parsing <tt>CVS/Entries</tt> <a href="">report</a>
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a regression in the <tt>groovy</tt> CLI command <a href="">report</a>
        <li class='major bug'> Fixed regression in handling of usernames containing <code>&lt;</code>, often used by Mercurial.
          (<a href="">issue 3964</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Allow Maven projects to have their own artifact archiver settings.
          (<a href="">issue 3289</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.313>What's new in 1.313</a> (2009/06/26)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Added copy-job, delete-job, enable-job, and disable-job command.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in the non-ASCII character handling in remote bulk file copy.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Supported self restart on all containers in Unix
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Added Retry Logic to SCM Checkout
        <li class="bug"> Fix bug in crumb validation when client is coming through a proxy.
          (<a href="">issue 3854</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Replaced "appears to be stuck" with an icon.
          (<a href="">issue 3891</a>)
        <li class="bug"> WebDAV deployment from Maven was failing with VerifyError.
        <li class="bug"> Subversion checkout/update gets in an infinite loop when a previously valid password goes invalid.
          (<a href="">issue 2909</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.312>What's new in 1.312</a> (2009/06/23)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> 1.311 jars were not properly signed
        <li class="bug"> Subversion SCM browsers were not working.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.311>What's new in 1.311</a> (2009/06/19)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Gracefully handle IBM JVMs on PowerPC.
          (<a href="">issue 3875</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed NPE with GlassFish v3 when CSRF protection is on.
          (<a href="">issue 3878</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug in CLI where the state of command executions may interfere with each other.
        <li class="bug"> CLI should handle the situation gracefully if the server doesn't use crumb.
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a performance problem in CLI execution.
        <li class="bug"> Don't populate the default value of the Subversion local directory name.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Integrated SVNKit 1.3.0
        <li class="rfe"> Implemented more intelligent polling assisted by <tt>commit-hook</tt> from SVN repository. 
          (<a href="">details</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Subversion support is moved into a plugin to isolate SVNKit that has GPL-like license.
        <li class="rfe"> Fixed a performance problem in master/slave file copy.
          (<a href="">issue 3799</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Set time out to avoid infinite hang when SMTP servers don't respond in time.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.310>What's new in 1.310</a> (2009/06/14)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Ant/Maven installers weren't setting the file permissions on Unix.
          (<a href="">issue 3850</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, thanks to Steve Milner.
        <li class="bug"> Changing number of executors for master node required Hudson restart.
          (<a href="">issue 3092</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Improved validation and help text regarding when number of executors setting may be zero.
          (<a href="">issue 2110</a>)
        <li class="bug"> NPE fix in the remote API if @xpath is used without @exclude.
          (<a href="">patch</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Expose the node name as 'NODE_NAME' environment varilable to build.
        <li class="rfe"> Added a CLI command to clear the job queue.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Sundry improvements to automatic tool installation. You no longer need to configure an absolute tool home directory. Also some Unix-specific fixes.
        <li class='major rfe'> Generate nonce values to prevent cross site request forgeries. Extension point to customize the nonce generation algorithm.
      <h3><a name=v1.309>What's new in 1.309</a> (2009/05/31)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Reimplemented JDK auto installer to reduce Hudson footprint by 5MB. This also fix a failure to run on JBoss.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.308>What's new in 1.308</a> (2009/05/28)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Unit test trend graph was not displayed if there's no successful build.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> init script (<tt>$HUDSON_HOME/init.groovy</tt>) is now run with uber-classloader.
        <li class="bug"> Maven2 projects may fail with "Cannot lookup required component".
          (<a href="">issue 3706</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Toned down the form validation of JDK, Maven, Ant installations given that we can now auto-install them.
        <li class="rfe"> Ant can now be automatically installed from
        <li class="rfe"> Maven can now be automatically installed from
      <h3><a name=v1.307>What's new in 1.307</a> (2009/05/22)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> AbstractProject.doWipeOutWorkspace() wasn't calling SCM.processWorkspaceBeforeDeletion.
          (<a href="">issue 3506</a>)
        <li class="bug"> <tt>X-Hudson</tt> header was sent for all views, not just the top page.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Remote API served incorrect absolute URLs when Hudson is run behind a reverse proxy.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Further improved the JUnit report parsing.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> External job monitoring was ignoring the possible encoding difference between Hudson and the remote machine that executed the job.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Slave launch log was doing extra buffering that can prevent error logs (and so on) from showing up instantly.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Some failures in Windows batch files didn't cause Hudson to fail the build.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.306>What's new in 1.306</a> (2009/05/16)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Maven 2.1 support was not working on slaves.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.305>What's new in 1.305</a> (2009/05/16)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> Fixed a bug that caused Hudson to delete slave workspaces too often.
          (<a href="">issue 3653</a>)
        <li class="bug"> If distributed build isn't enabled, slave selection drop-down shouldn't be displayed in the job config.
        <li class="bug"> Added support for Svent 2.x SCM browsers.
          (<a href="">issue 3357</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Fixed unexpanded rootURL in CLI. 
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Trying to see the generated maven site results in 404.
          (<a href="">issue 3497</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Long lines in console output are now wrapped in most browsers.
        <li class='major rfe'> Hudson can now automatically install JDKs from
        <li class='major rfe'> The native m2 mode now works with Maven 2.1
          (<a href="">issue 2373</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.304>What's new in 1.304</a> (2009/05/08)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> CLI didn't work with "java -jar hudson.war"
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Link to the jar file in the CLI usage page is made more robust.
          (<a href="">issue 3621</a>)
        <li class="bug"> "Build after other projects are built" wasn't loading the proper setting.
          (<a href="">issue 3284</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson started as "java -jar hudson.war" can now restart itself on all Unix flavors.
        <li class="rfe"> When run on GlassFish, Hudson configures GF correctly to handle URI encoding always in UTF-8
        <li class="rfe"> Added a new extension point to contribute fragment to UDP-based auto discovery.
        <li class="bug"> Rolled back changes for HUDSON-3580 - workspace is once again deleted on svn checkout.
          (<a href="">issue 3580</a>)
      <h3><a name=v1.303>What's new in 1.303</a> (2009/05/03)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='bug'> Fixed a binary incompatibility in <tt>UpstreamCause</tt> that results in <tt>NoSuchMethodError</tt>. Regression in 1.302.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class='bug'> The "groovysh" CLI command puts "println" to server stdout, instead of CLI stdout.
      <h3><a name=v1.302>What's new in 1.302</a> (2009/05/01)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class='major bug'> The elusive 'Not in GZIP format' exception is finally fixed thanks to <tt>cristiano_k</tt>'s great detective work
          (<a href="">issue 2154</a>)
        <li class='bug'> Hudson kept relaunching the slave under the "on-demand" retention strategy.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Extra slash (/) included in path to workspace copy of svn external.
          (<a href="">issue 3533</a>)
        <li class="bug"> NPE prevents Hudson from starting up on some environments
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Workspace deleted when subversion checkout happens.
          (<a href="">issue 3580</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Hudson now handles unexpected failures in trigger plugins more gracefully.
        <li class='rfe'> Use 8K buffer to improve remote file copy performance.
          (<a href="">issue 3524</a>)
        <li class='rfe'> Hudson now has a CLI
        <li class='major rfe'> Hudson's start up performance is improved by loading data concurrently.
      <h3><a name=v1.301>What's new in 1.301</a> (2009/04/25)</h3>
      <ul class="image">
        <li class="bug"> When a SCM plugin is uninstalled, projects using it should fall back to "No SCM".
        <li class="bug"> When polling SCMs, boolean parameter sets default value collectly.
        <li class="bug"> Sidebar build descriptions will not have "..." appended unless they have been truncated.
          (<a href="">issue 3541</a>)
        <li class="bug"> Workspace with symlink causes svn exception when updating externals.
          (<a href="">issue 3532</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Hudson now started bundling ssh-slaves plugin out of the box.
        <li class="rfe"> Added an extension point to programmatically contribute a Subversion authentication credential.
          (<a href="">report</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> You can now configure which columns are displayed in a view.
          "Last Stable" was also added as an optional column (not displayed by default).
          (<a href="">issue 3465</a>)
        <li class="rfe"> Preventive node monitoring like /tmp size check, swap space size check can be now disabled selectively.
          (<a href="">issue 2596</a>, <a href="">issue 2552</a>)
        <li class='major rfe'> Per-project read permission support.
          (<a href="">issue 2324</a>)
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