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Hyderabad Java User Group Wiki Wiki

Hyderabad JUG Founded on Apr 30, 2012 . The group focuses and promotes contributions on Java ecosystem viz. Adopt JSR and etc.. . The members of the group are java professionals and java enthusiasts. Anyone in and around Hyderabad inclined on contributing to java community can join the group by requesting membership .

Involved on the Adopt JSR

  • JSR 338 (Java Persistence 2.1)
  • JSR-107 (JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API) ( No more applicable as JAR-107 is not scope of JEE7 now)

Sample Application which will be build for JSR 338 and JSR 107

Food Court Management System

The sample web application is hypothetical application addressing the food court management in a software organization. The application will be web based, which will persist the information of the employee who are using the in campus food court for breakfast, lunch and dinner and their grievances against the quality of the food provided by the disparate vendors. The application will provide organization administrator to moderate the comments provided employees and also take appropriate action against the vendor against whom maximum grievances have to be submitted.

Use Cases of the Food Court Management System

  • Registration of the Food vendors
    • Create Food vendor
    • Update/Delete of Food Vendor
  • Search /Listing of Food vendors
  • Lunch Menu for the Day
  • Nominate the food vendor and workflow approval of the vendor
  • Audit report of the food vendors
  • Upcoming Food festivals
  • Registration of the employee ( LDAP integration if possible)
  • Food Quality Grievance Form
  • Workflow to moderate the comments entered by the employee
  • Administrative workflow for the action on the food vendor
  • Food Quality Grievance dashboard depicting the highest defaulter
  • The menu provided by the vendors for the current week and with the respective cost details of the items in the menu


The structure of the application WAR comprises

  • Primefaces components for the UI using templates
  • JSF 2.1 Managed Beans
  • Facade , Injecting Services using CDI

JAR comprises

  • Service
  • Dao
  • Persistence xml defining the model of the application

Bugs Logged

  • JPA_SPEC-45
  • GLASSFISH-19626
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