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Revision: 5788

Reverting back last changes
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
httpd 1 over 8 years ago Initial data for the identitycon...
roman_kitko 5362 about 7 years ago Make junits of databasetable-472...
tknappek 5788 over 6 years ago Reverting back last changes
roman_kitko 5290 about 7 years ago Add ivy.xml files and changes to...
abadea 5649 over 6 years ago Fixing imports
roman_kitko 5367 about 7 years ago Add maven projects for compatibi...
roman_kitko 5058 about 7 years ago Rename maven-proposal to backup,...
roman_kitko 5364 about 7 years ago Make old oracle tests use new Te...
This is the /branches directory of the `identityconnectors' Subversion repository.

  Subdirectories of this directory are active branches of the project.
  When a branch is no longer active, its subdirectory may be removed.
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