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Porting improvement with lazy TIFF Fields management
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
dany111 742 over 6 years ago Minor changes in ECW plugin read...
dany111 515 almost 7 years ago Tagging August-2008 revision: 1....
simboss1 552 almost 7 years ago tagging for September 2008
dany111 586 almost 7 years ago Tagging October2008 version
dany111 818 over 6 years ago Fixing package names in tiff plu...
simboss1 875 about 6 years ago fixing eclipse version
dany111 1028 over 5 years ago Improving the release
dany111 1028 over 5 years ago Improving the release
dany111 1073 over 5 years ago Minor cleaning in the kakadu pom
simboss1 1164 about 5 years ago fixing problem with arcgrid
simboss1 1169 about 5 years ago change version
dany111 1208 almost 5 years ago Updating pom to 1.0.7 version
dany111 1234 almost 5 years ago Updating current maven repo
dany111 1311 almost 4 years ago Fixing repos
dany111 1352 over 3 years ago restoring previous p1 version
dany111 1351 over 3 years ago Preparing p2 version
dany111 979 almost 6 years ago Tagging 1.1-M0 version
dany111 1253 over 4 years ago Removing old readme
dany111 1268 about 4 years ago Minor fix on pom
dany111 1278 about 4 years ago Adding idrisi to the released ar...
simboss1 1326 over 3 years ago fixed pom version everywhere
simboss1 1346 over 3 years ago changed version to 1.1.3
dany111 1367 about 3 years ago Minor test improvements
dany111 1359 about 3 years ago Fixing deployment repository
dany111 1205 about 5 years ago Maven repo url updated
dany111 1026 almost 6 years ago Changing version property for th...
dany111 1223 almost 5 years ago Deprecating old CloneableImageRe...
dany111 1206 almost 6 years ago - Tagging a milestone before add...
simboss1 1288 almost 4 years ago updated version for deploy tag
simboss1 1298 almost 4 years ago milestone release
httpd 1 almost 8 years ago Initial data for the imageio-ext...
dany111 413 about 7 years ago moved dead ndplugins experiment ...
This is the /tags directory of the `imageio-ext' Subversion repository.

  Subdirectories of this directory are stable snapshots; they may be
  named copies of particular trunk revisions, or they may be assembled
  from various revisions.  Either way, a tag is generally not changed
  after it is created; if it is changing, consider putting it in
  /branches instead.

  When a tag is no longer needed, it may be deleted.
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