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Last updated October 28, 2012 11:49, by Ralph

The Marty project consist of different modules to provide a stable and flexible framework for building workflow applications. As the marty project uses the maven build and configuration framework each of these modules is a separate maven artefact. This architecture makes it easy to reuse these modules in different business applications.


The marty util module contains jsf backing beans and util classes for building frontends based on the JSF specification. This is the main part of the project to give developers the ability to setup custom business application frontends very fast and easy.


The ejb module contains mainly workflow plugins to provide business logig independent from the frontend. It is important to understand that business logic should be outsourced into this module. Using imixs workflow plugins guaranties that the implementation can also be used from external clients which access the workflow service through remote ejb calls or WebServices.


This module provides a basic concept for a frontend client, based on xhtml, css and javascript. The web module is build on the jsf standard and allows building frontends very fast and easy.

The architectural layers

The maven artefacts shown above, represent the architectural layers of the framework. Each of these layers has a more or less fine-grained view on the system.

service layer

The service layer contains stateless session ejbs which offer a fine grained functionality of the system. This layer is typically constructed from the core services provided from the Imixs Workflow project.

  • EntityService - The EntityService allows to access the imixs data model
  • ModelService - The ModelService can control and manage different workflow models
  • WorkflowService - The WorkflowService process workitems based on workflow models
  • ReportService - The ReportService aggregates workitems into complex views

It should not be necessary to implement additional services in this layer. But it can be useful to implement general additional functionality.

business logic - Workflow Plug-Ins

As the imixs workflow engine is the core component of this framework all the business logic is mainly implemented in imixs workflow plugins. These plugins allow to separate additional business functionality from the other layers. An important advantage of this concept is the fact that each client can access these business logic through the different interfaces from the imixs workflow. For example a RESTfull service client has the same functionality if the business logic is encapsulated into plugins.

frontend / service facade - JSF Controller

The frontend or service facade is represented by backing beans from the marty-util artefact. These backing beans are mainly implemented as controller classes which can be easily integrated into any web frontend based on the jsf 2.0 specification. CDI is fully supported by these components. This provides a very flexible way to uses these components in a modern web architecture. The service facade interacts with the service layer by calling directly the WorkflowService or the EntitySerivce components.

The WorkflowController

The WorkflowController implementation in the marty project acts as the general frontent controller for any type of workitem. It is used for general workitems as also for projects and profiles. So for this reason there is no implementation of a ProjectController or ProfileController

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