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Last updated June 12, 2013 15:14, by Ralph

Coordinates of a WorkItem

All WorkItems in the marty project are organized in an hierarchical order. A WorkItem is typically assigend to a process and a space entity. These references are stored in the $UniqueIDRef property of the WorkItem. In difference to earlier versions of Marty a WorkItem can have multiple references. This feature is used to weave a WorkItem into a matrix of spaces and processes. So each workitem can hold a reference to a Process and/or to one or more space entities. Both reference are optional. But one reference is obligatory.

          Space    Process
              \         /
                /        \
         Workitem     ChildWorkitem

Each Workitem computes structural information from the coordinates where the workitem is located.

Sub- and Child-WorkItems

A WorkItem can also be organized into a structure of Workitems. In this case the Workitem holds a reference to another Workitem (ParentWorkitem). Also here the Workitem computes structural information from its coordinates in the hierarchical structure.

Structural Information

The following table shows the different properties and information hold by each workitem:

Property Infomation
$UniqueIDRef List of references to projects and/or process groups. The reference can also point to another workItem
namProcessTeam All team members of a referenced process
namProcessManager All managers of a referenced process
namProcessAssist All assists of a referenced process
namSpaceTeam All team members of referenced spaces
namSpaceManager All managers of referenced spaces
namSpaceAssist All assists of referenced spaces
txtProcessName Name to a referenced process
txtProcessRef Reference to a process
txtSpaceRef Reference to referenced spaces

The properties txtProcessRef and txtSpaceRef are optional and will be computed by the teamPlugin

The Matrix

To organize the relationship between a Process, Spaces and Workflows and Process Entity provides a matrix to assign workflows to a process. (in early versions only the project contained a list of workflows). Each Process can assign mulitple workflows and spaces.

Auftrag Bestellung Rechnungseingang Rechnungsausgang Mahnung
Buchhaltung X X
Einkauf X
Lager X
Entwicklung X

To assign a workitem to a new space or process you can add a the following tags into the Activity result:

 <item name="space">...</item>
 <item name="process">...</item>
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