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Last updated January 16, 2012 13:16, by Ralph

How to build Imixs-Office-Workflow ear.

Imixs Office Workflow is based on the Imixs Workflow project and the subproject 'marty'. All artifacts are based on maven so it is quite simple to build the imixs-office-workflow form sources.

Follow these steps to build Imixs Office Workflow

  1. checkout the marty project (
  2. checkout the imixs-office-workflow project (
  3. run >mvn install on the marty parent project
  4. run >mvn install on the imixs-office-workflow parent project

Note: The required artifacts from the Imixs Workflow project are hosted by the maven centrale repository. So there is no need to checkout and build these artifacts. If you are working with the latest snapshot releases please make sure that the sonatype maven snapshot repository is listed in your maven ./m2/settings.xml file:

 	<!-- Sonatype Snapshot repository -->
 		<name>Sonatype Snapshot repository</name>
 		<url> </url>


After the maven build process was successful you can install the ear file into GlassFish. The EAR expects the following configurations:

  • a jndi database pool named 'jdbc/imixs_office' (see the file imixs-office-workflow-ejb/src/main/resources/META-INF/persistence.xml)
  • a jaas security realm named 'imixsrealm' with at least one user assigned to the group 'IMIXS-WORKFLOW-Manager' (see the file imixs-office-workflow-ear/src/main/application/META-INF/sun-application.xml)
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