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Last updated September 09, 2011 09:21, by Ralph

Imixs DMS Service

With the Imixs DMS Service it is possible to manage the import of existing documents automatically. The DmsService is responsible for importing files from a file path configured through the DMS configuration client. So for example you can simply copy scanned documents into a upload directory (e.g. c:\imixs_dms). The Imixs DMS Service will import the documents into Blob Workitems and delete them from the file system.

Copy files form a windows client on a linux server

Using the windows tool pscp.exe ( you can simply run the following command

>pscp -pw xxxxxx imixs-upload/* user@myhost:/home/user/test

This will copy all files from the directory imixs-upload/ into the directory /home/user/test on the server 'myhost' connecting with the user account 'user' and the password 'xxxxxx'. Try also pscp -h for additional options like recursive uploads.

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