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Last updated July 02, 2013 11:50, by Ralph

Import default Models

During the deployment of a marty application it is possible to load default model data into the database. This feature simplifies the installation of a Marty Workflow Instance because no manually deploy of a system model or a business model before the first access is necessary.

The System Setup is controlled by the EJB org.imixs.marty.ejb.SetupService The EJB method init() creates all entity index entries and tests if a System Model is still available (System Models start with the version numer 'system-"). If no system model is available the EJB loads all entity data files defined by the imixs property key 'setup.defaultModel'. This property can define a singel file or a list of files to be imported.


 # Setup default model - a list of model files to be imported as default configuation

The default entity data set should be stored in the file


The file is typical placed in the folder /src/main/resources of the EJB module.

Automate System Setup

The system setup can be automated by the servlet 'SetupServlet' which is part of the marty-util project. This servlet call the SetupService ejb during first load.

Generate a new initial setup data file

To generate a XML-File with the default entity data set the Rest Service API and ReportService API can be used. This is an example for a export of all model entries, and process data.

 wi FROM Entity AS wi
 WHERE wi.type IN ('ProcessEntity','ActivityEntity','WorkflowEnvironmentEntity','process','configuration')

A report file with this definition is located in the marty ejb module /src/test/resources/reports/setup_data.xml The data can be exported with the following URL


Make sure that the model data and project configuration is uptodate before you start a new export

The following example specify the model version is a param '1'

 wi FROM Entity AS wi
 JOIN wi.textItems AS v
 WHERE wi.type IN ('ProcessEntity','ActivityEntity','WorkflowEnvironmentEntity')
 AND v.itemName = '$modelversion' AND v.itemValue = '?1'
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