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Last updated November 27, 2013 18:36, by Ralph

Worklists and Searching

The result of a worklist or a search query is controlled by the Marty WorklistController bean. This is a session scoped backing bean providing mechanisms for performing JPQL query as also a Lucene search. There for the Marty WorklistController provides two ItemCollections for a custom searchfilter and a custom queryfilter. These ItemCollections can be used to provide filter attributes.

The ViewResult is computed by a custom IViewHandler implemented as a inner class of the Marty WorklistController. Depending on the provided attributes the Marty WorklistController decides if a JPQL or a Lucene search is triggered. The queries for both are by a IQueryBuilder included in the Marty WorklistController .


For a fulltext search the searchquery is handled by the Imixs Workfow LucenePlugin. The plugin allows some configuration through the Per default the lucene plugin uses a OR operator to search for multiple words.

For example

 capital of Hungary

results to an internal search phrase

 *capital* OR *of* OR *Hungary*

The default operator can be chanted to 'AND'. The above mentioned query is then parsed as

 *capital* AND *of* AND *Hungary*

To set the AND operator mode the param need to be set:


This can be done by Administration->Configuration->additional properties. Or directly in the file.

Example of a custo QueryBuilder

This is an example how to adapt the QueryBuilder

	private WorklistController worklistController;
	public MyController() {
		worklistController.setQueryBuilder(new MyCustomQueryBuilder())

      protected class MyCustomQueryBuilder implements IQueryBuilder {

		public String getSearchQuery(ItemCollection searchFilter) {
			String sSearchTerm = "";

			Date date = searchFilter.getItemValueDate("datdate");
			return sSearchTerm;

		public String getJPQLStatement(ItemCollection queryFilter) {
			String sQuery = "SELECT DISTINCT wi FROM Entity AS wi ";
			return sQuery;

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