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Last updated February 16, 2011 08:07, by Ralph

Imixs-workflow Wiki

If you plan to start using the Imixs Workflow the kind of usage depends on the goals of your individual project. As the Imixs Workflow is open source there are different ways how you can use it. The following section should help you to decide how to work with the results of this project.

Using the Imixs Workflow out of the Box

Using the Imixs Workflow out of the Box is a good starting point to use the workflow engine without modification or development.

See the Imixs JEE Documentation for informations how you can install the Workflow engine and a sample application on a JEE Application server or install a workflow application using the Imixs workflow developed by a community member.

In this scenario you will work mainly as a workflow user in a business application or design a workflow model with the Imixs Modeler. A workflow model can be transfered into a Workflow Instance. Such a Workflow Instance can also be any business application based on the Imixs Open Source Workflow. You don't have to be a professional java developer in this case.

Developing a Java Business Application based on Imixs Workflow

Using the Imixs Workflow in a Java or JEE project is one typical way to use this Workflow Engine. In this kind of usage you develop you own Java Project. Inside your application you integrate the Imixs JEE Workflow to leverage its functionality. You will use Imixs Workflow components in different modules like Web and EJB modules or in a JEE or WebService Client module.

As the Imixs JEE Workflow is build up on the JEE specification it consists of standard JEE components like EJBs and Web Services. The Imixs JEE Workflow documentation] will describe how to build an Enterprise Application Module (EAR) using the Imixs Imixs JEE Workflow Modules in more detail. You can use the JEE components also out of the box so there is no need to be a professional JEE developer.

All parts of the Imixs Workflow are based on Maven. So using Maven is also a good starting point and it will help you to get started in an very fast an easy way.

Joining the Imixs Workflow project

As the Imixs Workflow is an Open Source project it allows you also to use the results of this project for individual implementations of Workflow engines. In this case you extend the Implementation with additional features or a different behavior.

So in different of the usage described before you need more than a running instance of the Workflow Engine or the libraries of the JEE Components. In this kind of usage you check out the java source code from the Subversion repository and set up an existing or new subproject. With a Testclient you can test the different parts of the implementation and extend the Workflow Manager and Model manager.

In this szenario you typical join the community as a observer, tester or committer and discuss details about all aspects of the Imixs Open Source Workflow project.

In all cases - We invite you to join the Imixs Workflow project now!

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