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[pkg-discuss] Re: [review] pkgrepo rebuild changes

  • From: Tim Foster < >
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  • Cc: Shawn Walker < >
  • Subject: [pkg-discuss] Re: [review] pkgrepo rebuild changes
  • Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:31:01 +1300

On 09/28/13 06:37 AM, Shawn Walker wrote:

The webrev at the link below contains changes for the following
enhancement request:

    17515714 pkgrepo should allow some operations for corrupt repositories


Optional: I was wondering whether 'pkgrepo fix' should automatically invoke a rebuild if it finds that the catalog is corrupt. I know that's mashing the same functionality into two different subcommands, but it would save the user some trouble.

[ that is, if when running pkgrepo fix, we know that a rebuild is the only way to fix a repository broken in this manner, why don't we just do that for the user? Otherwise, we just get:

$ pkgrepo -s repo fix
pkgrepo: file protocol error: code: 71 reason: Catalog file '/home/timf/projects/ips/pkg-gate.hg/repo/publisher/solaris/catalog/catalog.attrs' is invalid.
Use 'pkgrepo rebuild' to create a new package catalog.
Repository URL: 'file:///home/timf/projects/ips/pkg-gate.hg/repo'.

is there any reason why a user wouldn't want to perform a rebuild in this scenario? ]


[pkg-discuss] [review] pkgrepo rebuild changes

Shawn Walker 09/27/2013

[pkg-discuss] Re: [review] pkgrepo rebuild changes

Tim Foster 09/29/2013
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