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1.  High level requirements.

In no particular order.

- multi-install  Some packages must be able to be installed multiple
times (in separate locations) on the filesystem.

- non-root install

- multi-platform  Includes Windows.

2.  Initial assessment.

Multi-install and non-root install are handled by the user image
type, which allows a per-user install with a separate pkg client cache.
The user image is defined by an image configuration specifying its type,
its root directory, and its parent image (for satisfying non-relocatable

Question for ES folks: does "the system" need to (or want to) know about
non-root installs in order to be able to patch / upgrade them along with
normal installs (or send out reminders to do so), or will non-root installs
be completely up to the user to manage?  I can see a site policy that
requires security patches even for non-root installs; this would require
such installations to register with the system so they can be found.

	Meeting of 07/04/05 suggested that ES does not consider this as
	a requirement.  It might be a best practice for the user to
	register each user image with an update service (privileged as
	the user, and not necessarily global).

Not sure how to proceed on the Windows requirement.  Most of the current
design is portable across POSIX/ELF systems.

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