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File and other metadata

We would like to be efficient with our storage and bandwidth
utilization.  We would also like to avoid a class of inconsistency
errors preventable for a class of file objects (ELF binaries and
libraries, potentially also Java JAR files).

We have to label binaries and platform sensitive files (such as
endian-specific binary formats).

We also need to store ownership, modification and creation times, and
permissions.  We may need to store ACLs of various kinds.

Some data is interpreted by the pkg server (to process a filter request
by the client), some by the pkg client (to establish times and

pkg pkg_fmri keywords
file platform type path permissions user group type-specific-hash
link link-type dst_path src_path
dir path permissions user group

Envisioned types are "raw" and "elf".  Potentially also "jar".
Envisioned platforms are "i86pc", "sun4".  ISA distinctions are handled
by the filter options available on "elf" type files.

The leading column is called the *action*.  If we do a driver action, it
would be multi-file (since the .conf file is associated).  Drivers may
have to be expressed as a non-action.  Actions are always reversible in
some fashion.

Example postinstall invocations of add_drv:

1.  SUNWuedg

add_drv ${BASEDIR_OPT} -m '* 0666 root sys' \
./SUNWuedg/postinstall-     -i "${USBSER_EDGE_ALIASES} \"${NEW_ALIAS}\"" -n usbser_edge

2.  SUNWav1394

add_drv -b "${BASEDIR}" -m "${DRVPERM}" -i "${DRVALIAS}" -n ${DRV}

3.  SUNWpd

/usr/sbin/add_drv -b ${BASEDIR} -i '"pnpALI,1533,3" "ns87317-ecpp"' \
./SUNWpd/postinstall-                   -m '* 0666 root sys' -n ecpp ||

4.  SUNWlsimega

check_add_drv -i '"pci1028,13" "pci1000,407" "pci1000,407.1000.532" "pci1000,408" "pci1000,408.1000.2" "pci1000,1960"' -b "$BASEDIR" -c scsi lsimega

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