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A ON manifest pre-processor needs the following attributes:

1) Can selectively "comment out" parts of the

2) Can perform string substitution in manifests.

3) Can include other files to be part of this manifest
   using either inline include statements or command
   line arguments.  In either case, a search path 
   for these files can be specified via one or more
   -I options ala cpp.

4) Can transform actions matching certain
   criteria, using specifications delivered as part of the
   manifest (or one of the included files).

Importer currently does the first two via simple recursive
string substitution:

Macros are of the form: $(MACRONAME) and can have
any string value, including another macro.  Macros
are found in each line, repeatedly substituted
until no more are found.  Expressions of macro
form w/o a value are passed through w/o modification.

Eliding lines from a manifest is done by using a
macro at the begining of the line that has a '#'
value, which is the manifest comment character.
As a practical matter, the macro names are assigned
in the importer Makefile to facilitate understanding;

$(sparc_ONLY) has the value '#' unless the current
build is sparc; $(i386_ONLY) is similar.  On sparc,
$(ARCH64) is sparcv9, etc.

The importer files then use these macros to allow
a single file to be used for both architectures.

For including files, the easiest mechanism would be
some unique (distinct from either a comment, macro
or action line) syntax such as:

<include "path">

The specified path is searched w/o substitution for 
if it starts w/ "/"; otherwise any parameters specifed
via -I are preprended and then searched for in order.

Any files specified w/ -A would be searched for and appended
to the manifest as if they had be specified w/ <include "path">
at the end of the file.

Once the manifest preprocessor had performed macro substitution
and file inclusion, the last step would be executing any transformative
steps specified in the files.  These transformative steps would 
contain a set of matching criteria and the desired effect on the action:

<transform matching criteria -> operation>

matching criteria would be of the form

file|dir|signature|...     any action types

when python regexp rules would be used to find matching attributes.
If multiple attributes are specified they all must be true for the
transform to take effect, with exception that specifying multiple 
action types will match any specified.

operation specification looks like this:

drop				# discard this action
edit attribute regexp [replace]	# apply regexp to value of attribute;
     	       	      		# if match occurs, substitute replace for
				# portion of attribute value that matched.
				# If replace is omitted, remove the 
				# the attribute values that match regexp
set attribute value		# set specified attribute to value
add attribute value		# add value to attribute


Add tags to smf manifest so they're properly imported:

<transform file path=var/svc/manifest/.*\.xml -> add refresh_fmri svc:/system/manifest-import:default>

Add tags to gnome icon files to rebuild icon cache:

<transform file path=usr/share/icons/.* -> add restart_fmri svc:/application/desktop-cache/icon-cache:default>

Change action location (including link targets) from usr/openwin to usr/X11:

<transform path=usr/openwin -> edit path usr/openwin usr/X11>
<transform target=.*openwin.* -> edit target openwin X11>

Command line

pkgmog [-D macro=value] ... [-I includepath]... [-A filename] ... [inputfile [outputfile]]


inputfile is stdin if omitted
outputfile is stdout if omitted

-D defines the value of the specified macro; may be empty

-I adds the specified path to search for included files

-A appends the file to the end of the input as if the last line in the file
   included it

(pkgmog is short for package transmogrify)

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