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The core pkg(5) technology is generic enough to be useful across multiple platforms
(e.g. Windows and Linux). The full range of supported platforms are listed here:

The following modules within the pkg(5) source base are multi-platform:
    - the CLIs (,,,
    - src/modules (the core of pkg(5))
    - src/tests (except the CLI tests do not run on Windows)
    - src/man
    - src/web
    - src/po (except for the GUI messages which are OpenSolaris-only)

The following modules are not multi-platform (only supported on OpenSolaris):
    - src/brand
    - src/gui, src/um and the start scripts (,,
    - pkgdefs
    - SMF support: src/svc-pkg-depot, src/pkg-server.xml, src/pkg-update.xml
    - src/util

The following modules are only used for non-OpenSolaris support:
    - src/scripts

Multi-platform support is focused on providing support for user images as the 
operating system software is not delivered for other platforms using pkg(5).

Development best practices for writing multi-platform pkg(5) code are available

Build instructions for non-OpenSolaris platforms are here:

Information about using multi-platform pkg(5) and pre-built binaries
are available here:
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