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1.  Problem

    We prefer having "fat" packages, to having a plurality of speciated
    nodes in our version tree.  That is, we hope to have exception
    packages have a single platform attribute.  This means that we have

    build files on platform A and B
    commit fat package containing (A, B) files

    as the gross ordering of operations.  Taken strictly, this ordering
    would be too restrictive, particularly once the set of platforms
    which might participate in a package goes beyond two.

2.  Ways to handle multi-platform transactions

    Treat every transaction on v as an update to the version, v.  A
    platform-specific update would include both common files and the
    platform-tagged or architecture-tagged files.  If common files
    differed between v:t_1 and v:t_2, then this transaction isn't
    valid--it's branch modifying.

    Otherwise, the v:t_2 package contains the common files and the set
    of flavoured files submitted so far.

    (This approach evades the problem of expecting a platform-specific
    update to only replace files with alternate versions.)

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