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1.  [sch] Put size in manifest so that we can do GET with offset to speed
    retrieval.  Example:  reget on Windows.

2.  [billm] ACLs and extended attributes.  Are these both new action types?

3.  [sch] Do we need other forms of signing, beyond publisher and depot SSL
    certificates?  Is it best to enforce a CA-based model, or should web
    of trust also be allowed?

4.  [dp] Package deletion should include a "subsumed-by" or "replaced-by".  A
    good example is when we stopped including Mozilla, its final
    version--expressing the deletion--should have stated subsumption by
    Firefox and Thunderbird.

5.  [barts] Minimization boundaries based on setuid binaries.

6.  [barts] Feature tagging.  This should be offered via leaf packages
    and grouping packages.

7.  [dp] Present timestamp as UTC YYYYMMDDHHMMSS, as opposed to Unix

8.  [lianep]  Be able to preserve specific files, even though the
    package no longer provides them.  This one's tricky:  if you state,
    "release file" in version 2, then an upgrade from v 1 to v 3 would
    miss it (as v 2's manifest is not consulted).  These kind of actions
    could be treated as choking, or we could always examine intermediate

9.  [psa]  Take a snapshot [of each affected filesystem] between every
    package update operation in a larger image transaction, as opposed
    to at the image transaction boundaries only.

10.  [sch]  Examine use of alternative, HTTP 1.1-friendly URL loading
     modules.  (Example:  Duke's urlgrabber.)

11.  [pelegri]  Use of package-level metadata to provide additional
     information, such as links to training/learning resources,
     declarations of related packages, endorsements by certifying

12.  [sch]  Support use of :timestamp field for "newer" and "older"

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