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Version 12:
    Incompatible with clients using versions 0-11.

    pkg.server.api changed as follows:
        * New constants 'PKG_STATE_RENAMED' and 'PKG_STATE_OBSOLETE' were
          added to assist in determining package state information returned
          from functions to the CatalogInterface class.

        * The fmris() function of CatalogInterface now has an 'ordered'
          parameter to control whether FMRIs are returned in ascending name,
          descending version order.

        * A new function named 'gen_allowed_packages' was added to
          CatalogInterface to determine a list of packages allowed based on
          the FMRI of a package that incorporates other packages.

        * A new function named 'gen_packages' was added to
          CatalogInterface as a replacement for the removed functions
          get_matching_version_fmris() and get_matching_pattern_fmris().  It
	  provides superior filtering capabilities and includes package state
	  and attribute information.

Version 11:
    Incompatible with clients using versions 0-10.

    pkg.server.api changed as follows:
        * A new property named 'version' was added to the CatalogInterface
          class to expose the version format of the catalog.

        * The 'rename_requests' property was removed from the ConfigInterface
          class as the stat it represented was for functionality that was
          never implemented.

        * A new property named 'publisher' that returns the Publisher
          object for the publisher related to the request was added to the
          RequestInterface class.

Version 10:
    Incompatible with clients using versions 0-9.

    pkg.server.api changed as follows:
        * The PackageInfo.PREF_PUBLISHER property and data was removed.
        * The CatalogInterface.INFO_MULTI_MATCH property was removed and
          the info() method no longer detects and considers multiple
          matches for a single pattern an error.

Version 9:
    Incompatible with clients using versions 0-8.

    pkg.server.api changed as follows:
        * All feed related properties retrieved or set using the
          (get|set)_repo_* methods are no longer valid.  Instead,
          all feed-related configuration information must be
          retrieved using the new depot configuration methods
          found in the ConfigInterface class.

Version 8:
    Incompatible with clients using versions 0-7.

    pkg.server.api changed as follows:
        * The return type of changed so that instead
          of returning the fmri string in the result, it returns a PkgFmri

Version 7:
    Compatible with clients using version 6.

    CatalogInterface has changed as follows:
        * A new function named 'info' was added to provide a way to
          retrieved package information.  It returns a PackageInfo
          object representing the set of available package information.
          See pydoc 'pkg.client.api.PackageInfo' for more information.

        * A new function named 'get_entry_all_variants' was added to
          provide access to the list of variants for a given package.

    pkg.server.api changed as follows:
        * New classes representing package metadata and license
          information were added to pkg.api_common.

    pkg.server.api_errors changed as follows:
        * A new exception named 'UnrecognizedOptionsToInfo' was added.

Version 6:
Incompatible with clients using versions 0-5.
        * get_matching_pattern_fmris() and get_matching_version_fmris()
          now return a tuple of (fmris, unmatched).  Where 'fmris' is
          a list of matching FMRIs, and 'unmatched' is a dict of
          unmatched patterns or versions indexed by match criteria.

        * package_count now returns the number of unique packages in the
          catalog instead of the unique number of package versions.

        * package_version_count, a new property, was added that contains
          the number of unique package versions in the catalog.

        * get_repo_attrs was renamed to get_repo_properties

        * get_repo_attr_value was renamed to get_repo_property_value

Version 5:
Compatible with clients using Versions 3-4.
    ConfigInterface.get_repo_attr_value() has changed as follows:
        * Section 'feed' attribute 'authority' has been removed.  It has been
          replaced by section 'publisher' attribute 'prefix'.

        * Section 'publisher' with attributes 'alias' and 'prefix' was added.

        * New attributes were added for section 'repository': 'collection_type',
          'legal_uris', 'mirrors', 'origins', 'refresh_seconds',
          'registration_uri', and 'related_uris'.  See the pydoc for
          pkg.server.api.ConfigInterface for details.

Version 4:
Compatible with clients using Version 3.

Changes: has changed as follows:
        * A docstring has been added; see pydoc pkg.server.api for details.

        * Added optional keyword 'matching_version' that allows consumers to
          filter search results based on version.

        * Added optional, boolean keyword 'return_latest' that causes only the
          the newest versions of packages to be returned when 'return_type'
          is Query.RETURN_PACKAGES.

Version 3:
Incompatible with clients using Versions 0-2.

Changes: has changed as follows:
        * Added optional, boolean keyword 'case_sensitive'.  This indicates
          whether a case-sensitive search should be performed.

        * Added optional keyword argument 'return_type'.  This determines
          whether results should be returned as Query.RETURN_ACTIONS or

        * Added optional, integer keyword argument 'start_point'.  This
          specifies how many matching results should be skipped before
          returning anything.

        * Added optional, integer keyword argument 'num_to_return'.  This
          indicates how many results should be returned before the search
          is aborted.

        * search_done() was removed.  Previously, after calling search(), api
          consumers would have to call search_done().  This is no longer

Version 2:
Incompatible with clients using Versions 0-1.
CatalogInterface.get_matching_version_fmris() no longer accepts the constraint
parameter.  However, as before, it expects a list of version strings for the
'versions' parameter.  These version strings may now contain the wildcard
characters '*' and '?'.

Version 1:
Incompatible with clients using Version 0.
CatalogInterface.search_done() was added to perform cleanup after all results
have been retrieved from search(). now returns a generator object, instead of a list
object, that requires that CatalogInterface.search_done() is called after all
of the desired results have been retrieved for proper cleanup.

Version 0:
Initial api version, containing the following:
class BaseInterface
        -- used to instantiate other interface objects

class CatalogInterface
        def __init__(self, version_id, base):
        def fmris(self):
        def get_matching_pattern_fmris(self, patterns):
        def get_matching_version_fmris(self, versions,



        def search(self, token):


class ConfigInterface
        def __init__(self, version_id, base):












        def get_repo_attrs(self):

        def get_repo_attr_value(self, section, attr):

class RequestInterface
        def __init__(self, version_id, base):

        def get_accepted_languages(self):

        def get_rel_path(self, uri):

        def log(self, msg):



        def url(self, path='', qs='', script_name=None, relative=None):

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