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It might be helpful, for tools development, to offer an XML description
of package transactions and manifests.

That is, if we're backing into a full fledged package dialect, beyond
something single line-based, then we should consider whether an XML
document is a suitable choice.  Usual pro-XML, con-XML position follows.

1.  Specific cases in support.

Multiline text properties and localized text properties argues for use
of XML.

Sympathy with <property>, <value>, and <propval> in the smf(5) DTD might
be of benefit.

2.  Specific cases against.

Server side assembly of the transaction into a package version means
that the manifest might be difficult to construct.  Or maybe not:

open ->  <manifest package="...">
add ->   <action ...>
close -> </manifest>

(But accept and publish will require that manifest to be imported and

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