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summary: Make it possible to import companion into /usr
revision: 110
author: Bart Smaalders
date: 2007-09-20 22:45:09 UTC (8 years)
message: Make it possible to import companion into /usr

Details: Fix various bugs w/ chattr so it works with
path changes.
Add -d option to enable verbose output
Enable fully qualified names in "import" statements
Remove need to quote arguments to "add" command.
SUNWbge: Remove quotes in add statement Automatically produce import files needed to move
most svr4 pkgs from companion to usr.
razor.txt: trivial change
Change Path Actions
M doc/razor.txt
M src/util/distro-import/i386/SUNWbge
A src/util/distro-import/
M src/util/distro-import/
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