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summary: 18776 man pages need to be in nroff format
revision: 2494
author: Danek Duvall
date: 2011-08-05 21:59:57 UTC (5 years)
message: 18776 man pages need to be in nroff format
Change Path Actions
M .hgignore
R src/man/Makefile
A src/man/packagemanager.1
R src/man/packagemanager.1.txt
A src/man/pkg.1
R src/man/pkg.1.txt
A src/man/pkg.5
R src/man/pkg.5.txt
A src/man/pkg.depotd.1m
R src/man/pkg.depotd.1m.txt
A src/man/pkg.sysrepo.1m
R src/man/pkg.sysrepo.1m.txt
A src/man/pkgdepend.1
R src/man/pkgdepend.1.txt
A src/man/pkgdiff.1
R src/man/pkgdiff.1.txt
A src/man/pkgfmt.1
R src/man/pkgfmt.1.txt
A src/man/pkglint.1
R src/man/pkglint.1.txt
A src/man/pkgmerge.1
R src/man/pkgmerge.1.txt
A src/man/pkgmogrify.1
R src/man/pkgmogrify.1.txt
A src/man/pkgrecv.1
R src/man/pkgrecv.1.txt
A src/man/pkgrepo.1
R src/man/pkgrepo.1.txt
A src/man/pkgsend.1
R src/man/pkgsend.1.txt
A src/man/pkgsign.1
R src/man/pkgsign.1.txt
A src/man/pm-updatemanager.1
R src/man/pm-updatemanager.1.txt
M src/pkg/manifests/package%2Fpkg%2Fpackage-manager.p5m
M src/pkg/manifests/package%2Fpkg%2Fsystem-repository.p5m
M src/pkg/manifests/package%2Fpkg%2Fupdate-manager.p5m
M src/pkg/manifests/package%2Fpkg.p5m
M src/pkg/transforms/defaults
M src/
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