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Source code revision


summary: 19064710 man page changes in S11.2 should be put into S12
revision: 3092
author: Yiteng Zhang
date: 2014-06-25 21:24:57 UTC (2 years)
message: 19064710 man page changes in S11.2 should be put into S12
Change Path Actions
M src/man/ja_JP/pkg.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkg.5
M src/man/ja_JP/pkg.depotd.1m
M src/man/ja_JP/pkg.sysrepo.1m
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgdepend.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgdiff.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgfmt.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkglint.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgmerge.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgmogrify.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgrecv.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgrepo.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgsend.1
M src/man/ja_JP/pkgsign.1
M src/man/pkg.1
M src/man/pkg.5
M src/man/pkgmerge.1
M src/man/pkgrecv.1
M src/man/pkgrepo.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkg.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkg.5
M src/man/zh_CN/pkg.depotd.1m
M src/man/zh_CN/pkg.sysrepo.1m
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgdepend.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgdiff.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgfmt.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkglint.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgmerge.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgmogrify.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgrecv.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgrepo.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgsend.1
M src/man/zh_CN/pkgsign.1
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