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This software bundle includes the Java 3D Fly Through, Java 3D Scene Graph
Editor and the Java 3D Netbeans module.

To build Java 3D Fly Through

Install Apache Ant (1.6.5 or later), and the Java Platform (JDK5 or later)
on your system.

Build Java 3D -- both vecmath and j3d-core -- or download the latest build;
install Java 3D into your JRE or add the jars to your CLASSPATH and the
directory containing the .dll/.so files to your PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Build j3d-contrib-utils and add j3d-contrib-utils/build/classes to your

Type "ant" from the top-level j3dfly directory.

To run Java 3D Fly Through
cd J3dFly_2.0/bin and run or j3dfly.bat

To run Java 3D Scene Graph Editor
cd J3dEditor_2.0/bin and run or j3dedit.bat

    The editor can also be used to visualize the scene graph in your
    own applications without making ANY changes to the app. To enable this
    you first need to download and install bcel.jar (see readme in
    the extra_libs directory). Once you've install the jar you can use
    J3dEditor_2.0/bin/java3db(.bat) in place of java to run your app.

       So java HelloUniverse becomes java3db HelloUniverse

    NOTE Windows users must edit the java3db.bat script and set the
    toolhome and jdk_home variables to the locations of the software.

To install the Netbeans module, use the Update Center in Netbeans and
install the java3d.nbm file.

To add third party loaders to the tools see the README in the loaders
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