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Last updated November 21, 2011 12:16, by larsfiedler

Quick Start for Developers

  • Register as a user at
  • Request project membership/role and wait for approval (at the top of Project home)
  • Checkout the jarscan-project (see CVS)
  • Use Netbeans to open the project (
  • Please be patient till getting your first issue. We will contact you for sure.

Project dirs

The project contains the following directories:

  • etc: contains start-scripts for jarscan as a command line tool and the license
  • lib: contains the libraries used by jarscan
  • nbproject: the Netbeans project
  • src: sources
  • test: JUnit tests
  • testjars: contains archives that are used by the JUnit-Tests
  • www: contains the HTML-Files that were shown at the old plattform. It is replaced now by the wiki.
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