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Last updated October 28, 2013 21:53, by Roman Štrobl

How to start JaSCUT Config Generator

You can download the binary of JaSCUT Config Generator from:

To start the generator, run:

 java -jar JaSCUT-Generator.jar

or simply double click the jar file if you have Java set up properly.

The generator has been tested with Oracle JDK 1.7.0_17, generally it should work on JDK version 7 or higher.

How to analyze a library

  • Click "Import" to import library sources. The sources must be unzipped. Point the generator to the topmost folder containing the sources. There can be multiple source roots present, the generator will figure the source roots based on import statements.
  • Click "Analyze" to analyze the sources. Once the heuristics execution is finished you can update the list of detected rules and review all rules pending review.
  • Click "Generate" to generate the configuration file for JaSCUT. The file will be saved into your working folder unless you changed the path to the output file in the Options dialogue.

How to use the configuration file

Once you have a configuration file for JaSCUT generated, you can use it to migrate sources of API clients.

JaSCUT requires a properties file to be prepared with configuration for the migration. Here's an example:

 classpath = lib
 sourceDir = src
 outputDir = out
 config = jascut.xml
  • The classpath property configures the folder which contains libraries required to compile the sources which you will migrate.
  • The sourceDir property specifies the folder with sources that you want to migrate.
  • The outputDir property specifies the output folder into which the migrated sources should be placed.
  • The config property specifies the name of the configuration file.

Once you have the properties file ready, you can call JaSCUT using:

 java -jar JaSCUT.jar

The JaSCUT.jar file is present in the lib folder of the generator archive and the first parameter is the properties file which configures it.

Additional information

Additional information regarding using the JaSCUT generator can be found in the following master thesis in Appendix D (page 97 and further):

Contact: stroblr at fit dot cvut dot cz

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