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Java-enterprise-archive Project Members

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(Member Since 2011)
Administrator AppFuse, Aptframework, BluePrints, Clubjava, Codeforfreedom -- Placeholder, Cqme, DFJUG - Brasilia Java Users Group, DWR, Databases -- Placeholder, Distributed, Distributedcollaboration, Edu-archive -- Placeholder, Edu-competition -- Placeholder, Edu-developer, Edu-incubator -- Placeholder, Frameworks, Games, Games-core, Games-darkstar, Games-demos, Games-forge, Games-middleware, Gen-incubator, Help for Service, Java Users Groups (JUG) Community, Java-enterprise-archive, Java-ws-xml-archive -- Placeholder, Javadesktop, Javadesktop-inbox -- Placeholder, Javadesktop-inbox-private -- Placeholder, Javadesktop-incubator -- Placeholder, Javahellug, Jbean, Jddac-archive, Jdk, Jdk-api-localizations, Jgoodies, Jini, Jini-incubator, Jitsi, Jsr-incubator, Jsr198, Jugsardegna, L2fprod, Lg3d, Mac, Meapplicationdevelopers, Mobicents, Mobileandembedded-inbox -- Placeholder, Mobileandembedded-incubator, Mobility, Multilib2008, Opensymphony, Patterns-incubator -- Placeholder, Portal, Realonline -- Placeholder, Restaurantrez, Ricoh -- Placeholder, Robotics, Sbm-ossj, Sbm-ossj-stdbodies-ext, Scenegraph, Se603 -- Placeholder, Sgs-client-apis, Sgs-demos, Sgs-libraries, Soujava, Spots, Spots-applications, Spots-applications-incubator -- Placehol, Spots-curriculum, Spots-hardware, Spots-libraries, Squawk, Sungrid-archive, Swinglabs, The WebDAV Project, Trackbots-greenfoot-contest-2008, UI Elements for GlassFish projects, Ultralightclient-contributions, Uscambodiaindia2007, VOIP, Wonderland
(Member Since 2011)
Administrator Bloggers, Communications-archive -- Placeholder, Games-archive, Gen-incubator, General, General Archive, Help for Service, Hudson CI, Java Magazine, Java Users Groups (JUG) Community, Java-champions, Java-enterprise-archive, Java-net, Java-ws-xml-archive -- Placeholder, Javadesktop-archive -- Placeholder, Javatools-archive -- Placeholder, Jddac-archive, Jn-editorial, Sungrid-archive, about, cldownloads, edu-sandbox, inactive, jsr-archive, jsrs, jugmaps
(Member Since 2011)
Observer Glassfish Project, Griddle, Grizzly, HK2, JDK 7, JSR 348 (, Java EE Samples, Java Users Groups (JUG) Community, Java-enterprise-archive, Javapedia, Javatools, Jme, Jsip, Jxta, Lg3d, Nimbus, OpenPTK, Opends, Opensso *INACTIVE PROJECT*, Project Shoal, Wonderland jini, java, glassfish, xvm, fuzzy, logic, opensolaris
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