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Last updated December 11, 2013 19:00, by edburns

Java State Management Wiki



  • Meetings and EG work items are progressing. Have a look at meeting minutes on the Wiki: Meeting Minutes
  • Expert group formed. Let's get to work!
    • Setting up meeting schedule and venue
  • API proposal available
    • Posted mid-March
    • Initial Feedback welcome
  • Ready, Set, GO
    • Calling all experts!
    • Initial API proposal is on the way
  • JavaOne
    • Session on State Management given Tuesday Oct 3
    • Many interesting questions were raised in the Q&A
      • Will provider resolution be 'stable' and give the same provider over time?
      • How will we handle the versioning of state?
      • How does JSR-350 (State Management) relate to JSR-107 (Caching) and JSR-347 (DataGrid)?
    • Slides from this session are posted in the download area
  • JSR-350 has been created!
    • Expert group is forming now
    • Sign up to be an expert, and help us shape state management for the Java SE and Java EE containers.
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