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Java-ws-xml-incubator -- Placeholder Project Members

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(Member Since 2012)
Observer Java-ws-xml-incubator -- Placeholder
(Member Since 2010)
Administrator Binary encoding for the XML Informat ..., Bloggers, GlassFish Core Project, Glassfish Project, Glassfish theme engine, Grizzly, JAXB RI 2.0.x source code [OBSOLETE], JAXP, JAXP-Sources, Java EE Samples, Java Open Enterprise Service Bus bui ..., Java-ws-xml-incubator -- Placeholder, Javanettasks-test *INACTIVE PROJECT*, Master Data Management (MDM) community, Open Message Queue (Open MQ), Oracle's Implementation for JavaS ..., Samples for JWSDP, Source code for JAX-RPC, The Standard Implementation for JAX-RPC, The Standard Implementation for JAX-WS, The Standard Implementation for SAAJ, Web Services Interoperability Technology, sjsxp
Glassfish Kenai Migration Admin
(Member Since 2010)
Administrator 3D infrastructure, A Java implementation of WS-Management, A Pluggable Web Portal for ESB Manag ..., A collection of applications and val ..., A collection of tools for JAXB, A next generation enterprise 2.0 por ..., A next-generation portal framework, A sample application for project jMaki, A set of extensions for JavaServer(t ..., A social networking system., A system for social news, bookmarkin ..., A tool for analyzing and manipulatin ..., A tools that helps documenting facel ..., A way display and jMaki widgets and ..., Ajax jMaki JavaScript, Ant task to help importing jars to j ..., Ant task to relocate code from one p ..., Australian Secure Messaging Infrastr ..., Automate the migration of Java EE ap ..., Binary encoding for the XML Informat ..., CORBA for GlassFish, Charting Widgets using jMaki, Check out, Collection of high-level web compone ..., Communications-incubator, Create the courseware for Java Teaching, DaliCMS (OLD), Embeddable daemonization library, Embedded GlassFish v3, Embedded Java Database, supports for ..., Enterprise-incubator -- Placeholder, Extended StAX API, Facelets 1.x, Fast Infoset Interoperability Project, Full-text search for JAXB objects, GUI console to help manage certifica ..., Generate help for schema-derived str ..., Generic Resource Adapter for JMS, Geo-based mapping tools, GlassFish Core Project, GlassFish ESB-based Implementation o ..., GlassFish Plugins for IDEs, GlassFish Repository, GlassFish Scripting, GlassFish Update Center Toolkit, Glassfish Project, Glassfish theme engine, Greasemonkey scripts for, Grizzly, Grizzly Servlet Container, HK2, Hyperjaxb3 Source Code SVN Repository, Installers + build infrastructure Op ..., Internet Voting, JAX-WS RI Architecture Document, JAX-WS RI unit test, JAX-WS commons, JAX-WS test harness, JAXB 2.0 annotation parsing library, JAXB RI 2.0.x source code [OBSOLETE], JAXB RI architecture document, JAXB add-on for content verification., JAXB-1.x Maven-2 Plugin, JAXB2 Maven Plugin, JAXP, JAXP-Sources, JBI compliant Components, JMS Web Services transport, JMSJCA, JSFTemplating, JSR311 - JAX-RS, Japex Micro-benchmark Framework, Java API for controlling virtual com ..., Java EE Samples, Java EE Tutorial, Java Open Enterprise Service Bus bui ..., Java-ws-xml, Java-ws-xml-incubator -- Placeholder, JavaServer Faces Sources 2.x, JavaServer Faces Specification, JavaServer Pages Implementation, Javatools, Javatools-incubator, Jersey, LRWP In Java, Library for generating Java source code, Library for parsing XML DTDs, Managing, Controling and Reporting o ..., Master Data Management (MDM) community, Maven repository for, Maven wagon implementation for Subve ..., Maven-javanet-plugin, Maven2 plugin for GlassFish users, Maven2-repository, Metro - Webservice toolkit, Mojarra Scales JSF Component Library, OGC Schemas compiled with JAXB 2, One stop shop for GlassFish in Educa ..., Open Installer framework for buildin ..., Open Message Queue (Open MQ), Open source Data Quality solutions, Open source project for creating Dat ..., Open source project for creating MDM ..., Open source project for creating Mas ..., OpenESB addons for GlassFish, Oracle's Implementation for JavaS ..., Patterns, Patterns And Utilities For The Java ..., Persistence layer for JAXB objects., Phobos, Project Keychain Identity Provisioni ..., Project SailFin, Project Shoal, Project Woodstock, Provides a maven antrun plugin with ..., Pull API for parsing MIME messages, RELAX NG Object Model / Parser, Relational persistence for JAXB objects, Relational persistence for XML data, ..., Relational support for Universal Bus ..., Relax-ng, Relaxngcc, Rhino JS and JSF framework, SAX XMLFilter that performs xml:id p ..., SMTP/POP bindings for JAX-RPC, SVN Source Code Repository for Hyper ..., SailFin Converged Application Framew ..., Samples for JWSDP, Service Oriented Network Virtualizat ..., Servlet Implementation, Servlet Implementation, Shared code between JAXP, JAXB, SAAJ ..., Simple solution for distributing com ..., SocialFish is a suite of social coll ..., Source code for JAX-RPC, StAX utility classes, Sun Multi-Schema Validator, The SPNEGO Glassfish Plugin enables ..., The Standard Implementation for JAX-RPC, The Standard Implementation for JAX-WS, The Standard Implementation for JAXB, The Standard Implementation for SAAJ, The WS-Policy implementation for the ..., The prototype of Sailfin based on Gl ..., This is a project for designing Metr ..., Tools and utilities around JAXB 2.x, UI Elements for GlassFish projects, Unified Expression Language, Update Center 2.0, WSDL Object Model, WSIT documentation project, Web Application Description Language ..., Web Services Interoperability Technology, Web service monitoring tool, WebServices Security, Webapp Framework for Comet, XML Pipeline Processor, XML Schema Object Model, XML Stream Buffer, a REST based data services for data ..., asynchronous pipelining infrastructure, fuji, glassfish-incubator, jMaki Extensions, jMaki Widgets, jVoiceBridge, jsr, open-esb-build, openesb, sjsxp, solutions based on the Mural technol ..., typed XML writer
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